Sunday, October 25, 2009

Travel Updates

So, since the boys were here I really didn't have an opportunity to get much done. I should have! But I didn't...I was just really overwhelmed with both of them and spending every minute I could with them.

However, this week has been tremendous for my travelling life.

1) I have my first Top 5 place in Fredericksburg, Texas on VT

2) I got a wonderful email from a person on the VT website telling me how good I am as a writer and that I have a great writing talent.

3) I was talking to someone last weekend who said I had a "natural talent."

4) I was hired for to be their DFW representative so I will travelling to Dallas once a month getting things done for the city.

5) After opening up my blogs to the public I have recieved more followers (which isn't a big deal but always nice to know that people sympathize with you.)

6) While visiting with my family this weekend we moved back the Alaska trip to 2011 but added a trip to Lake Tahoe.....omg so beautiful!!!!

All of this happens while my teaching life is getting harder. Grades were due and times are rough but things pull out when you put the kids first.

Next weekend I'm going to Austin for the Texas Book Festival so I'm looking forward to that. Will have to post pictures next weekend.