Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer Cancellation

Well, I'm sad to say most of what I've been working towards this summer is being cancelled. I had some pain last weekend and upon my doctor's appointment on Thursday learned that I have a rather large tumor/cyst possibly connected to my ovaries that goes from my pelvic area up to my chest. This is going to be removed in surgery and will take quite a bit of recovery time. My heart fell as the doctor said it may be ovarian cancer. But that's yet to be determined until the thing is removed. It may be up to 30 pounds! WTF?!? I thought I was just getting fat. LOL

My Colorado trip has been cancelled. And I will probably not be going on my cruise this summer. Most of everything else is cancelled as well. Brian and I are still talking about going to Vegas in August but it all depends on the recovery.

If anything else has come of this I have learned that I have AMAZING people in my life. I have some of the best friends and family a person could dream of having. My aunts are ready to come down and help me pack up my classroom and prepare for surgery. My friends and teachers are ready to pack up anything. Brian has been more of a support than I could have imagined since him and I have only spent so much time together. I'm just unbelievably grateful to God who has blessed me in so many ways but in the particular way of surrounding me with unbelievably caring people.

I'm excited to get back to travelling later in the summer but for now.

Permanent station: Houston, Texas and Hermann Memorial Hospital in Katy, Texas

Sunday, May 16, 2010

CityArts Festival and Dallas (Last Weekend)

Well, this weekend I stayed home because I was in a lot of pain. I won't go into details but I was in the ER clinic yesterday and got some pain pills to last til my dr. appointment Thursday. Therefore, I didn't travel this weekend but I was so busy last week that I didn't get my pics up.

I began my weekend eating at Norma's Cafe in Carrollton with my grandma. Super cool fact? This was my mommy's first job! She was a waitress here as a teenager. :) It was really neat to eat here for the first time, even though I've passed it a million times.
Then I was off to Fair Park in Dallas, where the State Fair is held. They were having the CityArts Festival. Around the different buildings are these beautiful statues of athletes. The male scultpure was on the other side of the water.
While I was walking throughout the buildings looking at art merchandise and craft tables I came across the Hall of State. I've seen this building many times but never have wandered in. I'm so glad I did.
I love this sculpture on top of the entrance.
The Great Hall is awesome to walk through. It reminded me of the George Washington Masonic Temple. The murals on the sides were also wonderful to look up at and see the history of Texas.
The huge murals.
Other than the Great Hall there are also two hallways on the side leading to this pavillion here with many paintings. And the other hallway opens to a library and other Texas history artifacts.
This painting/mural was above the door in the smaller hallway pictured above.
The view of Fair Park standing on the steps of the Great Hall of Texas.

Yay, historical marker!
Historic plaque
Outside the hall is this beautiful outdoor area. I thought it was cool.
Looking at the Great Hall.
The CityArts Festival still going on. Because it was so stretched out there weren't many lines anywhere.
This street artist was making sidewalk chalk art. I loved his "Good Kharma Pot" haha
More of the sculptures on the buildings. I loved this building where Dallas Summer Musicals are put on. I've seen a few shows here like Titanic and The Lion King.
There's also a beautiful fountain in the area.
And I just had to get a shot of the Ferris Wheel that I WILL ride one day. :)
Close up........
That night I ate at Los Cabos with my grandma. Best mango margarita ever! Food was fabulous and definitely recommend it!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Cottonwood Art Festival and Dallas

I began my weekend in Dallas on Saturday by eating lunch at the Corvette Cafe. It's a small hole-in-the-wall that serves everything under the sun. The prices were GREAT and there wasn't a line. Although the only tv was a Spanish soccer game I still had a nice lunch with my grandma.

Kinda cute, right? Very meek.
Then I was off to explore at Cottonwood Park for the Cottonwood Art Festival in Richardson.

The parking wasn't well planned but the park was beautiful.
The art here was absolutely fabulous, I must say. Definitely one of the best I've been to.

And art wasn't all they had. They also had an outdoor bar set up with wine and beer. And a live band was scheduled throughout the day. Good music, too.

Well, I finished up pretty quickly and decided to go to Cedar Hill for some shopping at the Uptown Village. Very nice place. :) It had a great outdoor area where kids were playing in the water fountains. They had a Barnes and Noble, Charming Charlies, and good clothes places. I got a nice summer shirt for the cruise and a summer dress that goes good with everything. Yay!

(Took this in my car...not so good but cute shopping center)

That night I went to Lefty's Lobster House. Such a small place but so loud and vibrant. I love seafood so I thought it was great. Had the salmon. LOVE salmon.

Bar was good :)

LOL Loved this picture of my grandma in her bib! And her lobster. Poor guy......

I was completely obsessed with the super heavy lobster. He was so cute in a creepy corpse kinda way. Poor give your life for someone else's nutrition (or lack thereof).