Saturday, October 8, 2011

Last Day in England, Last Day of a Carefree Life

The rest of journey could be summed up: waiting and moving. I woke up to a great English breakfast in the Isles of Scilly but because of the fog I had to wait a while before being taken to the heliport. I didn't mind much, though, as I was on here blogging my Disneyland trip. :) After a few hours wait I finally got to the heliport and got my boarding pass. Out of 22 seats I was 19 so I was a little weary of where I would end up sitting.
It is so loud loading a helicopter! But what an adventure...
From my seat I got great views of the islands.
Isn't that amazing??
I took many more pictures than the displays here but I just couldn't get enough of the beauty.
And, eventually the Isles of Scilly were out of view... :(
I can't wait to see where my next island trip will take me!
I actually was the only passenger sitting backwards. I snuck this picture when no one was looking :)
And then I got a good shot coming back in Penzance.
And as soon as I got back into Penzance I had to go to the Rail Station to get my train back to London.
But the next train wasn't for 2-3 hours so I found a seat in the train station and got a bite to eat and worked on my blogging.
I got a cappucino and tried a sausage kolache, type pastry. GROSS! Then I tried the cherry danish...GROSS even though I had asked for the cake beside it. They didn't have WiFi so I wrote for my other sight on and just saved my entries to upload later.
The small Penzance train station. The end of the line! Quite amazing to think this train station goes for hundreds and hundreds of miles but stops right here.
Then I got on my 7 hour train ride back to London. I was still so hungry from my journey, and since I didn't like the food at the station I went to the snack counter on the train. It had plenty of items. I got the turkey panini, chips, sour patch worms and a water.

My plan the whole time was to find a cheap hotel by Paddington Station in London where I could crash for the night and explore London a bit more. But there was a huge music concert going on AND Wimbleton so there were no hotels available. I ended up crashing at the airport all night long in this coffee shop. Again, it wasn't so bad. I got plenty of my blogging done and it gave me a chance to get on American time.

Unfortunately when I got to America I was waiting on my connecting flight from Detroit to Houston when I got a call that my dad was in ICU. Thankfully he's at home, 3 months later, but it really has changed my life. As you'll see it didn't stump all the other trips I had planned but it has definitely changed how I travel and the frequency with which I do so. But I love my daddy very much and I would do anything for my family!