Saturday, May 12, 2012

I scream, You scream, We all scream for Menchie's!

As the summer starts I just have to give out a *HUGE* shout-out to my favorite summer treat, frozen yogurt at Menchie's!!  It's such a great place with such ties to the community!  Their Facebook page is fabulous!  And they are always out promoting Menchie.  If you email them they'll even send them to your classroom, school function, sport function, etc.  And the ever-changing flavors are amazing!!!!!!  If you live around a Menchie's, try it, you won't be sorry.

Special hint:  try some Captain Crunch in the yogurt :)  It's good. Lol

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

After loving Howl at the Moon in Chicago Heather and I got some friends together to try the one in Houston.  We went the Sunday of Labor Day because they were having a luau theme and advertised free entrance.  Although we had fun, it just wasn't the same.  
The first night we went was with four of us.  One of my friends got up for their Charlie Daniels competition.  My friend being a WONDERFUL singer and a huge country fan she ..... won!!  She decided to share her "prizes" with the other contestants, who she blew out of the water.  (Unfortunately, the second time we came they had the same competition so it wasn't as fun knowing it's a nightly thing.)
Bucket for the table!  Yes, they're overrated and pricey but had to do the cliche while I was with my friends.  The straws are too fun anyways and when there are four people it's not so bad.  But after a bucket you should be feeling good and you're not so I would consider it a bucket of Kool-aid or grenadine.  And the waitresses just swipe it form the table without asking if you want to keep it = #lame.
After the disappointing time at Howl at the Moon my friends drove us back to the other's house and we went our seperate ways.  But my friend driving had to take me to the 24 hours Shipley Do-nuts.  I'm not normally a donut fan but having them in the wee hours of the morning is kind of fun.  Anything that stays open 24 hours is fun to me since I get to be such a night owl in the summer time when I'm off of teaching! 
For Heather's birthday she wanted to try Howl at the Moon in Houston one more time.  Maybe because it was a holiday it was just a bogus night, right?  Wrong....  We had a fun time and I was glad so many of her friends came out.  But it was basically the same songs, fools dancing, and Charlie Daniels competition.  I did, however, pay for her to have a surprise birthday present from this cowboy which I thought was hysterical.  If you only knew how innocent Heather and I are you would know how funny this picture really is getting a special birthday drink from Cowboy.

But, I'm sad to say, it was the last time we'll be back to Howl at the Moon Houston.  Chicago, you are great and will be missed til I/we return!  Keep rockin' it though!