Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Vacation 2009: Day 10

Wow, has it already been 10 days? I have another week left but it feels like my vacation is wasting away already. Well, today I drove from Houston to Dallas (again) to get some entries for my articles. My editor said my entries were "flawless" so I'm super energized to get more.

Today I went to the Addison Town Hall and talked to their visitor's service director. Nice woman. Beautiful house. Then went to dinner with my grandma at a not-so-good restaurant. I looked for the old school house and cotton gin in the book I'm using but didn't find anything. So I'll be calling in the morning to find out the details about what Addison's historical buildings are or if they're still even around.

I have LOTS planned tomorrow. If I get plenty done then I may be spending Wednesday in Arlington or Salado. We'll see! Keep ya posted. :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Vacation 2009: Day 8 (I think)

Well, since I last posted I cut all my hair off. Enjoyed a fun Christmas with my parents (doing absolutely nothing and loving the break and stress-free feeling). And now I have a little over a week to travel anywhere I want. :)

Today I wanted to see Yuletide at Bayou Bend in Houston. The house was built for our first native Texan governor Hogg. His daughter (weird sense of humor) Ima Hogg spent most of her life here and collected many antiques and pieces of art. The house was beautiful, each room decorated in a time period's Christmas decoration. The gardens are much better in late February and early March when I hope to return. But, for now, here ya go.

Still haven't made plans for tomorrow, though....Hmmmm (can't go too far since I have NO clean clothes).

Funnest bridge ever!!!
See, I'm not lyin' it's important!

The Butterfly Garden
Cupid with my heart ripped out of my body......(you don't wanna know)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Vacation 2009: Day 2

So, today I started at Aunt B's lakehouse that I got to on Saturday. We had a lazy morning then went into Dallas. We visited Nana Bev and I dropped off gifts. We ate at Babe's restaurant in Carrollton. Then Aunt B and I went and saw Betty Buckley perform at Addison's Water Tower Theater. Great show! Fun day!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Update with Brandy

So, exciting weekend...

Spent time at The Nutcracker Market in Houston and then the FFA Craft Show in Cypress. Much fun shopping for gifts!

Then, Saturday morning was invited to go to COLORADO with Aunt and Uncle Barbara and Terry this summer as soon as school gets out!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dallas, Texas

Uncle Jeff and my cousin Sarah

My cousin Jacob....we tried about a million times to get a picture with the kids jumping in the air. Yeah, waste of time....

Joy riding with the top down with Sarah and Jacob in Downtown Dallas Saturday night.

This weekend was full of new restaurant reviews for my new job with Jeff and his family were also in town so we all had a good time trying new places in the Big D.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Travel Updates

So, since the boys were here I really didn't have an opportunity to get much done. I should have! But I didn't...I was just really overwhelmed with both of them and spending every minute I could with them.

However, this week has been tremendous for my travelling life.

1) I have my first Top 5 place in Fredericksburg, Texas on VT

2) I got a wonderful email from a person on the VT website telling me how good I am as a writer and that I have a great writing talent.

3) I was talking to someone last weekend who said I had a "natural talent."

4) I was hired for to be their DFW representative so I will travelling to Dallas once a month getting things done for the city.

5) After opening up my blogs to the public I have recieved more followers (which isn't a big deal but always nice to know that people sympathize with you.)

6) While visiting with my family this weekend we moved back the Alaska trip to 2011 but added a trip to Lake Tahoe.....omg so beautiful!!!!

All of this happens while my teaching life is getting harder. Grades were due and times are rough but things pull out when you put the kids first.

Next weekend I'm going to Austin for the Texas Book Festival so I'm looking forward to that. Will have to post pictures next weekend.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lucas Water Fun

This video was at the bottom of my previous post but it got deleted by mistake so here it is! This is Lucas playing at the water part of the zoo.

My Lucky Labor Day Weekend

Saturday I finally wandered over the Houston Zoo with my family. This place has been on my To-Visit list for QUITE a while. I'm so grateful that I waited to spend this experience with my parents, aunts, sister-in-law and NEPHEWS!!!! And a special SHOUT-OUT to Matt in Iraq for who I posted so many pictures! Hope you like these and don't forget the videos at the bottom!!!
Peetty colors :D
So, it was a very bright Saturday afternoon when we got to the zoo. We immediately stopped in the train station and got some hats and shades for the boys. Choo, choo!

Now, if that doesn't make you say "awwwwww" your heartless...

He is just the cutest thing in the entire WORLD.

So, Grandpa had Lucas and...

Grandma had her Roo...

and we were off to the animals!!!!!!

We first got our stoller. Luckily, Lucas and Reuban were quite comfy and Big Brother made sure Little Brother was ready to go.

First stop...some interesting birds...or pajaros for those Spanish students.

Sam, I want my Fruit loops!

This is how we roll...

God has a sense of humor :)

Marital troubles.....

and Roo got sweeeepy....

so we stopped at the water station and Lucas had some fun in the water...(see more at the video below!)

Then we were off to the petting zoo. The kids are given brushes instead of food. But Lucas wasn't really diggin' it.

Say hi to Ashley...

a melaphant!

So, I'm putting my picture out there.....he he he I took Roo on a carousel ride! He was such a great sport! I thought I had that was stable/not moving up and down since it was on the outside. But we both held on tight and made it through with smiles.

Sweeepy bear

Lamkin Leopards!!!!

And a different kind of leopard (:/ I forgot!)

And another funny looking bird/vulture.

And a baby melaphant!!!

And G-pa and Lucas in front of the melaphants.

And the baby and mama (or daddy) giraffe.

And mama's black tongue!

And a sweeepy cheetah!

We were so hot and so tired after a while that we had to stop and rest. Look at all that burnt orange. (We were probably the reason for UT's victory Sat. night)

My new favorite picture of Lucas and his Great Aunt B. Isn't that adorable?!?!


And then the monkeys

Matt, is that you? :D JK!

Roo was just as happy as could be!

And finally we had enough and took some advice from my orangatang friend and took a nap! Just kidding, we headed home after a great trip. We went back and cooked out some burgers and hotdogs. Great day!

The Video Section:

Grandma and Roo dancing outside the zoo while waiting for brother to go potty.