Saturday, May 21, 2011

Southern Wedding Trip: Day 5

Day 5 was a LOT of driving. And sadly, I overdid it the night before. I got back to the hotel around 3:30am and my uncle knocked on the door at 6am to pack and leave back to Texas. 10 long hours in the car was miserable. Everyone was on edge by the time we got back. But, with time I was back at our family lakehouse! I love the lakehouse so much. I got to see my Aunt B and eventually my uncle got off my case, lol. John, one of the neighbors invited us over to watch the sunset on his deck. Heaven right here, my friends...

I love his deck! It's so country lol. It's got odds and ends EVERYWHERE.

When the sun went down we had a drink by the chiminea. Very cozy and I LOVE the Christmas lights!

And, as I left the next day (Day 6) back to Houston I took a picture of where I had my accident. You really couldn't see much, but now my car is kinda jacked up. Got new tires, alignment and oil change on Wednesday of this week. But my car alarm keeps going off and I just know it's gonna cost me. Had a GREAT friend help me find the fuse but blah blah blah I'm just happy my car is running and I'm safe. Right??

This weekend I'm relaxing and taking it easy. Saving up for the end of school energy I need and the money I don't have, lol. Disneyland in 20 days!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Southern Wedding Trip Day 3: Rocket Center and Wedding

Day 3 was all about spending time with Barbara's family. The night before at the family dinner everyone was talking about what they wanted to do. Terry and I had talked about going to the NASA Rocket Center. Then everyone else decided they wanted to go, too. So we made plans for breakfast and the Rocket Center. And here's how the day turned out... Someone chose to meet at the Waffle House by the hotel. I had NEVER BEEN. So I was a bit excited to take part in this American truck stop tradition. Seating 11 people was a bit of a struggle but I enjoyed talking to Nanci about travel for our meal. I had a waffle and I'm not going to was pretty dang good. Was really intrigued by Nanci's story of taking her children around the world for 6 months when they were young.
Then we headed off to the Rocket Center. We took a wrong turn and ended up at the Redstone Arsenal where they do the rocket testing. Super cool but super restricted.
The rocket center entrance
The first monkey (or only?) to go into space is buried here. People leave him bananas! Next time I'll be sure to bring one.

The Redstone Arsenal has an exhibit here with all of their rockets and super cool Army stuff.
Then I rode the (free) Mars virtual ride. It was
Walking through a space shuttle mock. I wish you could open the stuff but I guess with kids running around everywhere you cant.....Still, how cool.
A mock of the water training facilities where astronauts train for missions.
The big rocket! I don't have the specific names with me for this.
The Rocket garden!
More of the garden
They made a big crater for this mock of the Mars Lunar landing vessel.
There were some cool rockets nearby.
Holy cow!
Then the Space and Rocket Center exhibit where it was focused more on the big space shuttle and space missions.
Entrance to the second building
Loved this quote on the big wall leading to the exhibit.
The whole facility had the shuttle from one end to the other. It was really neat. I hear in Florida, though, there's an exhibit where you get to walk all the way through it.
The family met back at noon (only 2 hours to see everything) and we ended up going back to the room. Terry and Barbara hung out in their room and I walked down the street to get some lunch. Very tasty! I did some blogging, showered and soon it was time for the wedding.
Nanci wanted to tour the Botanical Gardens before the wedding started so we went early. I got to take some nice pictures of the Gardens and their exhibits, too. Glad we went early. When we got there the guys were setting up the chairs for the wedding.
I wandered into the Education Center where the Butterfly Garden was.
There were plenty of butterflies flying around. Most of the ones I saw were Monarchs that Texas has.
I loved this sculpture in the Children's Garden.
They had a train exhibit in the bonsai garden. Very cute, and it made a loud "choo-choo" noise so it was a hit with the kids walking around.
And soon after it was time for the wedding. Amy looked beautiful! And she and Bob were a joy to watch. I met some AMAZING people that night...lots of new Facebook requests, lol. It was a great night...although a bit crazier than I thought would have ended up. Sadly, the next day was a LONG (10 hour) drive home.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Southern Wedding Tour: Day 2 Jackson Mississippi

Day 2 started well. We "slept in" until 7am. Then we headed back to the Vicksburg Naitonal Military Park for some books because my aunt and uncle loved it so much. Then we took off towards Hunstville, Alabama. However, the night before I had found an entry in my 1000 Things book and they let me stop in Jackson, Mississippi to see the house you'll see. They were NOT impressed but I sure was. I think this woman and I are kindred spirits. :)

Eudora Welty was a woman who won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. The home was BEAUTIFUL!
Nice, huh?
The house next door was the visitors center/museum where the tour started. The people working there were really friendly. The man I talked to let us show up 20 minutes late, which was the time it took to watch the video. Then we tagged on to tour the house. Since it was the 13th of the month, which is her birthday, we got in free. :)
National Landmark!
Unfortunately, there were no pictures allowed inside the house, but the museum at the visitor's center was very neat.
Her Pulitzer :) Was actually found stacked in an old closet.
Her passport :) She was known for travelling a lot, specifically around Europe.
And while talking on the porch about the garden there is this neighborhood cat that cuddles with everyone. So cute!
Eudora's mother loved the garden. Unfortunately after her death she couldn't find anyone to tend to it. But after Eudora's death students from the University made it into its original look.
More of the garden.

And, I got to take a picture of the Mississippi Capitol Building...
Pretty picture :)
The Supreme Court building...unlike Texas, which is inside the Capitol Building.
After a few shots we headed towards Hunstville, Alabama to meet the family for dinner.
Stopped right across the border in Alabama.
Were all set up nice, here.
Lots of brochures but my uncle made us hurry along...
Got the hotel with an hour or two to spare until dinner. Uploaded my Day 1 post and did some farming :)
Then off to dinner with the Eades families...Had a great time. Met some great people!