Sunday, November 28, 2010

Civil War Weekend Sun. Nov. 21

Ahh! I'm behind!! So, last weekend I went to Hempstead, Texas for their Civil War Weekend. It was very similar to the Renaissance Festival but for Civil War time. I love my Confederacy!! My aunt is actually hooking me up with some ancestor records so that I can join the Daughters of the Confederacy Veterans. Well, enjoy...
Hempstead is actually just about 20 miles from my house. I stopped in Waller to grab a bite to eat before heading out the battle because I wasn't sure if they'd have anything there. I couldn't get a perfect shot of the city but it was good enough lol.
So, there are small signs that help you find the FIELD that you park in. It cost $10 for me to get in. There were hayrides that took you the set-up on Liendo Plantation and the battle field but I chose to walk. I'm really glad I did cuz I got to walk by all the tents and set up they had on the side of the road. I believe all the people who participate sleep out here for the weekend and have BBQs and such. Really neat to see, though, for a history lover like me!
After reaching the entrance I saw this big billboard of the layout for the Civil War Weekend. Very spread out but nothing too much.
The Liendo Plantation was open to visitors for self-guided tours. It cost $5, though. But it is still being lived in so it's well-kept. I enjoyed the volunteers, dressed in period clothing to explain some of the pieces in the house. I LOVEEEEED the upstairs porch. If I lived there I'd hardly ever leave that area. And on such a beautiful day...magical.
A view from the upstairs porch: On the lawn in front of the home there were period demonstrations of how people lived through the time. Here two women were spinning and sewing cloth.
The Liendo Plantation is on the National Register! :) (Ok, a bit out of order, my bad)
What do they use the drain water for?? I hope that container cleans it :) But seeing as the pump is right there...I'm assuming there is no decontamination, lol.
While I was touring the plantation, these damn Yankees marched right over the yard. Grrrrrr
But soon enough my heros, the Confederates came to get em!
While walking from the Plantation home to the battleground all of these tents were set up selling goods and time-period items. I found a REBEL patch for my travel bag lol and a Christmas ornament that was handmade for my travel tree.
The medical center in the old days lol. Notice the limbs on the ground on the left. Lol, supposedly after the battle they were advertising a "live amputation" demonstration. I didn't stick around but I bet it would have been fun...I hope!
The Confederacy Infantry...
Conferates marching by...
There were really a BUNCH of people. Many more than I expected to see. I wonder what they do with all of the money?!? begins!! To begin the battle the Confederates let out this LOUD cannon. It was crazy loud... But I loved seeing them all be prepared by covering their ears lol. KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Lol
It was such a slow start. Across the field was the Cavalry. They shot back and forth at each other and were SO CLOSE to each other but nobody died lol soooooo not close to the real thing (I would imagine, right?)
When the guys are shooting they're usually on their knees. I didn't know this was the practice but supposedly it helps balance the gun and hold it steady and then it helps dodge the bullets from the other side of the battlefield.
Again, with the canon.....LOUD! :)
The Union Commander telling his sharp shooters when to fire...
Cloudy after the cannons...
Union Cavalry...
The Confederate Infantry running onto the field after about 30 minutes...
The Indian was on our side....and totally hot. :p
Uh ohhhhh here comes the Union!
The sharp shooters were practically laying on the ground to dodge all the bullets... Really interesting strategy... I'll have to remember that next time an army is shooting at me :)
The Indian running by...... Ahhhhh :) Good times, if only he'd look AT the camera lol FINALLY got a shot with the flag flying all the way out...Texas Unit, HOLLA!!! :)
Get em, boys!!
And TWENTY-FIVE minutes into the battle men are finally down... Some amusingly, but for the most part, it was effective.
And the Indian lived on :)
So, here the Union soldiers were dead but the Indian was going through their powder bags and I got kinda weirded out but remembered that's about what it was like. Had to get everything you needed from where you could get it...
And then....I had a BACK TO THE FUTURE moment!! Is that.....JEANS and AF clothing for a Union solider??
Closer that a J. Crew shoulder bag?!?! Lol
Dead Union soldiers....
The Confederacy was still strong...
Another profile of the TIME TRAVELER :) Lol The Confereacy totally pushed them back and we ended up with the VICTORY!!!
Deadly battleground...
The poor wounded soldier kept stammering around.....comical, kinda. He was carried away to the amputation bed!!!!!
Another fantastic travelling weekend and so close to home. With only two school days until Thanksgiving I was completely excited. Too bad grades were due Tuesday, though. YUCK!! Will post Thanksgiving weekend pics soon!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Brenham Christmas Home Tours- Sat Nov 20

Last Saturday I went to Brenham for the Historic Homes Christmas Tour and Trunk Show that was advertised in Texas Highways. The trunk show shopping wasn't very fun but visiting the houses was a fun way to spend the day... Some were better than others...but for $15 I enjoyed my day!
The home tours didn't start until 1pm so when I got to Brenham at 11:30 I went to the downtown area to do some shopping. I love this time of year because I have a GOOD excuse to be shopping!! :)
Sadly enough, I didn't find anything at my favorite store as there was still Halloween stuff on clearance. But I did find a cute Horton Hears a Who ring here, at the Book Nook for $1. Also got a few books for the kids.
I saw some cute stuff here at Dona Lynn's but didn't get anything. The prices were kinda high...
The Trunk Show and Tour started here at the Giddings-Stone Mansion. I love plantation-style homes with big two-story porches!
The entire home was set up with locals selling jewelry and other crafts and food. I snapped this quick picture of the sitting area between floors.
Then I was off to the second stop, the Wood-Hughes House. It caught my eye while driving in so I was really excited to get to tour it. Guides were in each room and they explain what they've rehearsed in their time-period dress. No pictures were allowed though, so that was sad but I got some on my iPhone. :p
Beautiful chandelier as you enter...where I was told to, "PUT YOUR CAMERA UP!" :) Oopsie
Third stop: Whittbaker-Weiss House. Cute little home...many antiques were in all these houses.
Love that National Register!!
The next house was very beautiful. I want this house!! I don't have the name, I'll have to look it up once I blog it on VT.
Another National Register!
My favorite part of the home was this outdoor/indoor kitchen. How cute is this for your morning coffee or afternoon tea?!?!? OMG, I am going to have something like this in my home.
The Giddings-Wilkens home was kind of creepy. Most of them have people living in them but this was almost empty and kind of dark by 4pm. So, I dunno...interesting though.
OMG, MY FAVORITE!! This house isn't historic, as it was built in 2001 but it was one of the most beautiful houses ever.... Built in bookshelves EVERYWHERE and a carriage-style house. Delicious, for sure. And they were fellow travel enthusiasts with pieces from around the world. So, at least I know my house will look super cute when I'm older and have all my pieces accumulated! It was a great day, and a way to kind of dodge the sulky weather.