Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Home to Houston: The Great Delta Debackle(sp)

So, we wanted cheaper airfare and thus, had to have a very early flight home. Yes, a flight at 7am. Which meant we were getting up at 4am and getting over to the airport. As the sun was coming up we were boarding our flight and looking forward to lunch with our families. But as we were about to leave the gate the pilot came on saying they had a error message going off and couldn't fly the plane. Thirty more minutes later our flight was cancelled and we were put on standby. We ended up being flown to Atlanta (if I remember correctly) and then having to wait on a plane to Houston. Finally, around 10pm we were in Houston. Needless to say, it was a long day. Full of $6 meal vouchers and grumpy travelers. But the fact that I slept in my own bed that night was nice... and we returned from a great, long trip just as happy as can be! When we were finally on our way home on the last flight it gave me time to start working on my Smash book, a funky, journal-style scrapbook that Kristi and I love. As you can see I had my gluestick, markers and Taco Bell so I was good to go. Lol, next up Chicago!

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