Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Vacation 2009: Day 8 (I think)

Well, since I last posted I cut all my hair off. Enjoyed a fun Christmas with my parents (doing absolutely nothing and loving the break and stress-free feeling). And now I have a little over a week to travel anywhere I want. :)

Today I wanted to see Yuletide at Bayou Bend in Houston. The house was built for our first native Texan governor Hogg. His daughter (weird sense of humor) Ima Hogg spent most of her life here and collected many antiques and pieces of art. The house was beautiful, each room decorated in a time period's Christmas decoration. The gardens are much better in late February and early March when I hope to return. But, for now, here ya go.

Still haven't made plans for tomorrow, though....Hmmmm (can't go too far since I have NO clean clothes).

Funnest bridge ever!!!
See, I'm not lyin' it's important!

The Butterfly Garden
Cupid with my heart ripped out of my body......(you don't wanna know)

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