Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Vacation 2009: Day 10

Wow, has it already been 10 days? I have another week left but it feels like my vacation is wasting away already. Well, today I drove from Houston to Dallas (again) to get some entries for my articles. My editor said my entries were "flawless" so I'm super energized to get more.

Today I went to the Addison Town Hall and talked to their visitor's service director. Nice woman. Beautiful house. Then went to dinner with my grandma at a not-so-good restaurant. I looked for the old school house and cotton gin in the book I'm using but didn't find anything. So I'll be calling in the morning to find out the details about what Addison's historical buildings are or if they're still even around.

I have LOTS planned tomorrow. If I get plenty done then I may be spending Wednesday in Arlington or Salado. We'll see! Keep ya posted. :)

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