Friday, July 31, 2009

San Antonio Weekend

So, my friend Shanna called me up yesterday with a free trip to San Antonio and I took her up on it. However, I left so quickly that I didn't bring the connection to upload pictures. However, it's been a fun day.

I went and saw all the missions (except the Alamo which I've already seen plenty of times). The Top 10 San Antonio book said to try this BBQ place called Bill Miller's BBQ, or something like that, but it wasn't good. In fact, they didn't swear by their BBQ as much as their fried chicken...and last time I checked fried chicken was not bbq. Thanks, San An...

Then I met Shanna at the River Center Mall for some shopping. Got a cute San Antonio picture frame, ornament and children's book. Then we went to the Convention Center and watched a talent show of choir directors which is part of Shanna's convention.

After that we went to the River Walk and eat some Mexican food and a big margarita. [Not without waiting 30 minutes in the 95 degree heat.] Good times though! The mariachi band was great.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to see the Alamo IMAX, maybe the McNay Museum, and go to Market Square for some shopping and authentic Mexican food before heading home.

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