Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pictures of San Antonio!

So here are my pictures from this past few days! In the middle of downtown is this sculpture, and is in all the travel books. Welcome to SA!
There were lots of ducks in the water! They made me happy. Yippee :)
On my own I decided to visit the four missions around downtown. The first one was lalalala Mission Concepcion. It really has a long name but the sign says it all. It's very interesting, though, because there's a barrio/ghetto just beside it.
Closer up..... So, if you don't know much. The taller area is the church. The arches beside it occupied the library, the mill, etc. No ac in a Texas summer? God must have REALLY been with them...
Then I went to the largest mission, Mission San Jose. This picture was taken when I entered the area. The SMALL rooms along the outside were where the Native American families slept. The Native Americans took refuge here because of the Apache Indian massacres and European disease both wiping out their hunter/gatherer tribes.
A further away view of San Jose as I was walking along the Native American houses.
Up close to the church...

The Native Americans usually began their days with prayer. Then the Spanish friars would give them work to do. One of their MARVELS was building aqueducts. They built them all the way San Antonio river to all four missions. It really is amazing to think of how they did this.
This was my favorite picture because it captured the church and arches and also part of the garden. I love colors...
I had like 5 travel books with me and one of them told me this was the best BBQ in San Antonio. Although San Antonio is not known for BBQ, hello!!!! We're still in Texas, home of the best bbq. This place was very weird. The signs all talk about their breakfast and their fried chicken. Last time I checked when you BBQ you cook meat without any coating. I got a chopped beef sandwich, which was waaay cheap. It was more like a sloppy joes but it worked. Everyone else in the restaurant had chicken fingers so it was just weird....
Then a short distance away was the Mission Espada Dam. Pretty area huh? Except it's in the middle of nowhere and I was kind of worried my body would never be found.

Then I traveled to the DESERTED Mission San Juan. There weren't even park rangers there. I was too nervous to go into the church alone. It was just kind of spooky. However, the land was a sacred burial ground back in the day so maybe it just didn't have a good vibe.
While on the way to Mission Espada I passed by its aqueduct. Just....amazing to think of how much work and brains this must have taken.
And last there was Mission Espada. A very small church, and not as deserted. There was a cute sign inside the church, though, that asked to keep the door close so that dirt and CATS didn't come in....supposedly it has been a problem...awwwwww meow!
Then Shanna was done with her conference so I met her back for some shopping and the talent show. Then we ate at Cafe Ole on the River Walk....boy, was it a bit warm. But the margarita helped :)

So did the mariachi band :)

This morning we woke up (late) and just had enough time for Market Square. We did some more shopping (I am so good at shopping...I wish it was my job.)
This was the indoor market. Many Mexican goods...clothes, sombreros, sculptures, etc. I got some mini sombreros, those colorful robe-thingys, and this fun game kind of like the Dreidel game. I thought the kids would like it when we celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
In the other indoor market was a traditional dancing performance group. Pretty good. The audience was a drag, so quiet. It was a little dancers birthday (like 7 years old) and she was all dressed up in the pretty dress and she danced with her mom, dad, and other dancers. It was cute (and free...whoop whoop)
We tried to eat at Mi Tierra (in THE BOOK) but it was a 45 minute wait so I decided I'll eat there some other time. And now I'm safe at home once again. I have meetings Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so travelling with have to wait until after then. Til next time!!
Adios :D

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