Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spur of the Moment Trip

So, things weren't working out with Lucas/Reuban's arrangments so Dad and I left Tuesday morning for Pensacola, Florida. We drove to Biloxi, Mississippi yesterday since we learned Ashley had not yet left. We stayed at the Imperial Palace, now know simply as IP Resort and Spa. We had a fun time playing blackjack and video poker, although we lost money. However, the hotel stay was only $65 a night, so I got two rooms and they were wonderful. I heard Dad talking to a friend on the phone today saying we'd have to go back. Sign me up!!

Today we drove from Biloxi to Mobile, Alabama to try The Brick Pit known for its BBQ. So, we didn't like it but the place definitely had character. There were only three options to pick from though: pulled pork, pork ribs, or bbq. We both chose the ribs and it was a bit too much. I liked the small business, homey feel, and the people were really nice. However, the food wouldn't bring us back. But it's another place in my book that I've visited!!! Only 9,990 more places to see :)

Tonight Ashley is expected to get to Pensacola and the boys will sleep with us. Then I have to get back to Houston asap so I can teach on Friday. After that a three day weekend full of family and NEPHEWS! Yeehaw!

***Will post pictures when I get home....I always forget my phone uploader at home when I leave for impromptu trips!

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