Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break

Well, this Spring Break was a fun week. It was pretty relaxing, which I'm starting to enjoy, rather than RUNNING AROUND all of my vacations. The beginning of the week was pretty relaxing but from Thursday-Saturday I got around a lot of Texas. Looking forward to the summer now! Got quite the line-up now. Colorado, New Mexico, New Braunfuls, Cruise, England. I'm getting excited. But I'll enjoy my last 2 and a half months with the kiddos.

Thursday is FREE Admission to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston buildings. Sandi and I went later in the day.
I loved the different painted walls. Saw some exhibits on India, Korea, and Native America (Mesoamerica).
Then, I went to HOLLYWOOD, lol, jk...just the name of the restaurant.
The picture turned out funny and bright lol
Friday, I went to West, Texas. It's a Czech town full of love.
Started my journey here at this store. Found the CUTEST longhorn ring, guitar pic earrings and Czech ornament. Could have spent a LOT more but I resisted a bit.
This was the Old Theater that was pretty torn up but...
it had a historical marker. :)
The reason I went to West was because of this place, Sulak's. It's a Cafe that serves a range of food including Czech food, what I would call German or Bavarian. I had the sausage, no schnitzel or sauerkrat though. While I was there I discovered some AMAZING news that I'll post soon.
Saturday, Aunt B and I, my PITC (partner in travelling crime) went to Tyler, Texas to follow the Azalea Trail. Well, 1) the azaleas aren't blooming yet and 2) it was FREEZING and raining. Started at the Chili Cook-off but as you can see the tents were pretty bare. Aunt B bought us two cups but I thought it was DISGUSTING. She completely disagreed but I threw mine out immediately. :)
We went inside for the judging but it was no big deal.
The room beside us was the Flower Show. Really pretty set-up...
Both of those events were here, in the Tyler's Women's Building...Found out the historical plaque was on the OTHER side of the building. Bummer...
Down the street we found this BEAUTIFUL backyard. Amazing...
And, they let complete strangers wander around in their backyard!

Um, excuse me, may I please move into your backyard, thanks!
With the weather keeping us inside we stopped at the McClendon House.
Historical :)
Lots of pink in here.
Beautiful porch....
OMG, I was with Aunt B the first time she had STARBUCKS!! HAHAHA yes!!
That night we just played with Corkie and hung out. Poor thing.....
Sunday morning it SNOWED. Yes, it SNOWED!!

Tried to get a picture of the snow on the trees on the first day of Spring. Lol, only in Texas, you know....

Looking forward to seeing my friends and students at work tomorrow. But eagarly awaiting next weekend. Going to Goliad, Texas to watch the Goliad Massacre reinactment. Stupid Mexicans took out Texans. I think Texas should secede from the USA, declare war on Mexico and the drug cartell and take their asses out. That's right. Remeber the Alamo, Remember Goliad. We could take them.

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