Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tyler, Texas....Trip 2

Well, I went back to Tyler this weekend for a re-do of the Azalea Trails and for the Four Winds Renaissance Festival. I went with both of my aunts...Bev and Sherry. The Ren. Festival was quite the let down so we ended up actually seeing a lot of places from flyers that I had gathered from our previous trip.

Without further ado....

New camera settings lol will be having LOTS of fun with this with the bluebonnets for the next month.
The aunts in front of the gazebo
There were the Tyler belles at some of the more popular houeses. It was pretty cute....some people were taking pictures with them.

Then we headed to the Four Winds Renaisssance Festival. LOL kinda bare, huh? Anyways, what really matters is the people were amazingly friendly and I would totally support their hobby business.
Pirates sword-fighting lol
The Easter bunny showed up with the king and queen to watch the jousting tournament.
We gathered on wooden benches and was really impressed that we began the (REAL) tournament with a prayer. Plus, the announcer had a crush on me since he kept coming over and making fun of how I say "Kazaa!" which is what you're supposed to scream.

Our knight that our section cheered for was Sir Dustin DuGrey. He was horrible. LOL Not gonna lie! The horse was beautiful but he said after the tournament that the horse was a little skiddish and was pulling away.
There were four games but then there was an actual jousting match where they were scored upon hitting their shields. I could have gotten a much better shot if the wooden poll wasn't there!
Our knight lost lol
And, as a lesson to all the kids there, the drunken pirate won. Nice, reallllll nice.
There wasn't really any food at the Ren Fest so we went and had some food and margaritas The Jalepeno Tree. That's when I pulled out my flyers that I hold on to. LOL
So, we ended up at the Goodman Museum. We toured around the house and luckily it didn't take too long, as it was nearly closing time.
Woohoo!! Another registered historical place down!
One of the bedrooms...
Then another flyer was to this Antique Mall. I didn't find anything but my aunts did. I did find some funny things though that are pictured below. Maybe it's because I'm going through an extensive house remodel right now but clever.
Haha! Nice way to recycle your toilet.

Old tub? Turn it into a flower garden!

Well, next weekend will be another weekend of festivals but closer by. Maybe Galveston...maybe Chappell Hill bluebonnets. Whatever it may be it'll be fun and totally enjoyable if this BEAUTIFUL convertible weather keeps up!

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