Thursday, September 16, 2010

Downtown Houston

So, last weekend I THOUGHT I would try and save some money and stay in Houston to save gas/hotel bills. However, it might have been cheaper to have gone out of town lol.

So, Deborah and I started the weekend at the Berry Center in Cypress, TX for the Shop Til You Drop craft fair.
This is one of the more interesting parts of the craft fair. This was the "Bras for a Cause" booth. Different organizations decorated them for a silent auction. The white beads in the middle of the cups said something very inspirational. Forgot what it said though.
So, then I took off downtown Houston to follow one of my travel books called Houston. Nice, huh? This statue was next on the Lyric Center.
Behind the sculpture were these three men. So you're greeted no matter which way you come from. :)
A far away shot of the sculpture and the building it decoates which is across from Wortham Center.
I walked around downtown for a while. Here's Buffalo Bayou. Wish it wasn't so brown, though.
Beautiful view of downtown...
Wortham Center houses the Houston Grand Opera and the Houston Ballet. Will be visiting for both reasons this year! Well, at least for the Nutcracker in December.
The front of Wortham Center in Houston, TX.
There's a great plaza in front of Wortham Center. These lights probably look really wonderful at nighttime. It was a great resting place from the 100+ degree heat.
Part of the fun plaza. Loved the red balls...very unique.
The Bank of America building in the sky :)
Hobby Center...where we saw Wicked! And I've seen Aida here, too. Wonder what else I have seen lol.
Tranquility Park downtown. Love this shot!
Full shot with the tops of buildings...
Closer to the fountains that resemble the touchdown on the moon.
Loved this building hiding in the skyscrapers. Used the zoom lens :)
Other side of the fountain....
Sculptures in front of Hobby Center...
Nice one, huh? It was such a pretty day...
I found this sign under a shaded tree on the other side of the street. Kinda sad, really.
Alley Theatre. Will be here to see Peter Pan and A Christmas Carol!!
Then it just got too hot outside and I didn't have a hat or water. So I headed to the Galleria to see if I could find any good deals :) It was soooo busy on the streets so I just pulled into Dillards and that was it. Good news: I found this one Indian-inspired skirt that I've had my eyes on for months!! for like 75 % off. Yes!!!!!!
But Dillards didn't connect to the rest of the mall. I tried to find the Macy's but there were too many people and I was too confused. You could hardly switch lanes to turn so I just headed home. Sunday was Eat, Pray, Love with my mom and errands. Great weekend!!
This weekend?!? Plano Hot Air Balloon Festival!!!!!!! Will Brandy ride in a hot air balloon?!?! Stay tuned!!


  1. Hi, my name is Cindy.
    I will be traveling to Houston this June to attend a meeting (dont have much time to look around how pretty Houston is) But I absolutely LOVE your pictures!! Would you mind giving me some advice of how you walked around this gorgeous downtown and how to get to these places in a limited of time? I dont have a car or anything.. and I will probably be taking a taxi from Hobby airport! Thank you so much, and thanks for sharing such pretty photos!
    -Cindy (this is my email if you'd like to reply me :)!!


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