Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trent, Texas

So last weekend was MLK so I got Monday off! The boys are in town for til February but I had to go and get my travel on. So I opened up Texas Highways January magazine and took off!

So I took off to Trent, Texas which is about 20 miles West of Abilene, Texas where my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Terry live. So I stayed with them while visiting too.
Love the water tower! And "downtown" which appears to be abandoned.
Gotta love the patriotic feel of the little Texas towns!
Close up of "downtown" which was absolutely ghostly on a Saturday at 5pm.
Trent was written up in TH because of their football field. It really is GORGEOUS! And very well kept. Check out the blue track :)
Scoreboard and background behind the stadium. Those are houses right beside it lol and I love the Texas hills behind it.
Go Gorillas...Blue and Yellow Gorillas?
Home small compared to the Houston fields!
I took this picture of the stadium with the wind farms in the background. Why? Because the money from those windfarms is what PAYS for the stadium. :) Thank you Natural Enery!!
The stadium is behind the "school" although I'm not real sure it is. I saw another building that said it was the school that looked more like it. But, this larger building can't just be administration since there are only 300+ citizens in the city so probably only 100 students K-12.
Sunday I travelled to Graham and I'll post those next, but probably tomorrow night or later. :)

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  1. Actually, Trent's students usually out number the town's residents. Only those living inside Trent city limits are counted in Trent's population. Those in the surrounding farming and ranching areas also send their kids to school in Trent though.