Saturday, January 22, 2011

Graham, Texas

So, the day after Trent I took off to Graham, Texas. The excerpt in TH was about the city named True, Texas bein outside of Fort Belknap and Graham. Although True is not longer in existence I did choose to visit Fort Belknap and Graham. Unfortunately, it was Sunday, though so NOTHING was open but the movie theatre.

I really liked the murals....Fantastic.
The downtown area was really cute. However, all the shops were closed :( Not even the ice cream store was open on Sunday! What about your tourists, Graham???
Beside the current courthouse was The Arch, left over from the original courthouse in the 1800s.
To the side of the courthouse was the Veterans Memorial. Most of the names were from WWI and WWII. However, there were names from other more recent wars.
The Confederate Memorial dedicated to the men who fought for our Confederacy in the Civil War.
I hate when there are so many trees in from of the courthouse because then you can't get a very good picture! However, this would be the county courthouse.
And the old movie theatre is in tact! There are three screens showing three movies on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They even have two showings a day for each movie. So I caught the matinee of Gulliver's Travels for the great price of $4. Only three other boys were in the movie, it was quite nice. In fact, for a small popcorn and drink it was $5 so MORE than the movie ticket. But I like supporting the old movie theatres.
Before the movie started I took off to Fort Belknap, an old Army fort set up to help build the frontier and help fight against agressive Native Americans.

Fortunately, I had my GPS, although it's really quite simple to get here. The signs from Graham were pretty clear and it's only down a road. But there's no "1 mile" warning or anything of the sort. It just sorts of appears on the left. When I pulled in I didn't really know where to go, figuring there might be a place to get a map like most Ranger Stations or Welcome Centers. But, there were not. You can walk around (or drive around in my instance because of the cold) and there are little markers for each of the buildings over the doorways.
National Historical Landmark!
The barracks of the old fort.
Finally, I came upon this building and a little 8x10 piece of cardboard on the ground pointed to this museum being open at 1:30. Luckily it was 1:40. The museum was actually very impressive. They had many photographs and artifacts from wars from the Spanish-American to WWII. The people watching over, on property live-in managers, were really nice. I had a fun Texas football chat and continued my journey. In fact, I was calling it pretty close to the movie time!
This flag pole was made with stones from the original buildings of Fort Belknap.
Some of the cool shell casings from WWII.
As I was driving back to my aunt and uncle's house I drove through Breckenridge. I loved the Breckenridge in Colorado and it looked really neat, so I pulled over to take a few pictures. And totally glad I did!
The courthouse was on the main highway through the town. It was a really neat building. Loved the religious leadership put on the building! Again, all of the shops on Main Street were closed on Sunday :(

Gotta love Texas football!! It was a really nice mural, though, of the "spirit of the (local mascot)".
They also had an arch of the old courthouse in the 1800s.
The Arch beside the current courthouse.
Main Street! And the window displays were SO CUTE set up for Vday. Darn it!
Can I just say, "HECK YEA!!!" Put that Ten Commandments in the LAWN of the County Courthouse. I love that!!!!!
Then, on Monday I drove back to Houston. I stopped at this "shack" in Hamilton, Texas because it looked really cute and advertised cute, girlie items like purses and shoes, etc. It really is a garage-like store with cute earrings but higher prices. So I got a small coin purse to support the local businesses and continued on my way.
I had a great LONG weekend and am now enjoying another one with my Aunt in town to visit. Here's to another great weekend!!

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