Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pearland Winterfest

So, it's always much harder to travel when the boys are here. I tried so hard to get out and do things but the weather really set us back. And family being in town...cuz you can't turn your back on your family for travel!
The first weekend the boys were here Aunt B came down and we went to the Sam Houston Race Park! It was opening weekend so it was BUSY! But I had my free coupons and the guy at the gate let me get an extra adult in for free. Thank you!!!
The boys don't do well just sitting in a chair so when my mom got up there and met us we took the boys outside to see the horses and watch a race. It was so cold, though!!
I got to pet one of the horses! Small things in life...but so cool!
Then the following weekend my mom and I took the boys to Pearland for Winterfest. The highlight was the ice hill for tubing. Kids 5 and under went on a 6 foot hill. And then there was an 11 inch one for adults and kids 5 and over.
At the entrance we paid $10 for kids 4-15, Free for kids under 4 and adults $4. However, everything inside was free (which you'll see below), so that was nice.
They also had a (crowded) petting zoo. The baby animals were super cute but it was just too crowded to get around. And again, chasing kids around makes it quite impossible to enjoy the animals for yourself.
The fair food. At the festival they had traditional fair food. I wanted to try the fried honeybun but never got around to it. I always do that... But my mom got a funnel cake (too messy for me) so it felt kinda normal lol.
Inflatables for all ages. This area was for the older kids and adults. We didn't go on them but they looked fun...
Did some shopping. They had plenty of booths but not the normal jewelry stuff, although I love that part of festivals lol. Found some baseball whistles at this booth for $1 though. Can't beat that!
They had a rock wall. I need to try one of these. Lucas wanted to try so bad but you had to be older...
There were free pony rides too. Lucas was so excited to get on here. And Reuben did really well too. They walked fast, though, so I had to keep up! Lol, and it was hard to walk so fast and take pictures. :)
Actually in the petting zoo this time. Cute little guys!
I LOVE jumping pictures lol. The trampoline guys were pretty good, definitely.
Craziness! There were also some children's songs singers and local high school dance groups.
There were plenty of bounce houses too. The kids loved them.
Winterfest was a great day! I was glad we made time for the boys. And thanks to Texas Highways for keeping me up to date with what's going on around our area!!

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