Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 6: California Adventures

Day 6 of our vacation was really fun because we did the other park at Disney: California Adventures. <3 Brandon and Kathy woke up and did "early mornings" at 7am but I met up with everyone at 9am when Cali Ad opened at the "on property" entrance :p Perks of staying on property are worth it! The view of the set-up when you walk into the park from the Main Entrance.

Brandon and Kathy bought us coffee and breakfast sweets while walking from Disneyland Park. The black thing on the left was the, if you can try to picture imagine, it was HUGE!

We headed to the Disney Backdrop at the end of Cali Adventures to...

...go ride Tower or Terror!! Holy crap, that ride was scary!!! But probably ended up being one of my favorite rides. We got a Fast Pass to ride it later that night and rode it at that time too. Definitely a little more fun at night but that ride is fun at anytime of day, really.

Then we headed to the Animation Studios. I loved being in this huge room because Disney music was playing really loud and I was singing along to all the songs while a lot of their artwork was flashing slowly on the big screens.

All the different rooms had different animation games/interactive exhibits. My favorite was this library set up with about 4-6 different chairs set up at computer screens. You answer all these questions about yourself then they tell you which character you are most like. I...was most like Lady from Lady and the Tramp.

And my second favorite attraction was the karaoke studio where you practice singing one of four disney songs, and as you do it records your voice then plays the video back with YOUR voice in it. Now, I've ALWAYS had a dream of being the voice of a Disney princess so this was so fun for me...Just wish they had had Disney princess songs... I ended up being the voice of a dang warthog!

Then I met Sully!!!!! We got the best group picture of him, too. Pricesless :) (Excuse the random beer gut in the picture)

Then the Brandon, William and Kathy went to the drawing class while I did Turtle Talk with Crush from Finding Nemo. It was cute and very cool what they can do with technology today.

And while the others smoked (again...) I went to meet Mr. Incredible. Totally sweet :)

Then we headed to A Bug's Land from......A Bug's Life. Probably my favorite Theme sections of the park. Even the bathrooms had symbols of men and women bugs.

We rode Heimlich's Chew Chew Train (because Brandon and William hadn't read it yet). Why? You ask... Because each of the food products you pass by .... smells like the actual item!

" The snauseberries taste like snauseberries" Lol, no it was watermelon. The animal crackers were cute, too. I wish you could walk around the food rather than take the ride, though.

Then we (FINALLY) went to ride the NEW Little Mermaid ride that had opened like a week prior to our visit.

It was AMAZING!!!! (Didn't get good pictures, but the ride was so good.)

Paradise Pier is so picturesque...even on a dreary morning :)

And again...they smoked, I rode a ride by myself. Love carousels!

Then Brandon, Kathy and I rode the Mickey's Wheel of .... Fun? No...

Mickey's Wheel of TERROR. We got in the rocking carousels that go in the middle of the carousel. Wow....really felt like I was dying and almost had to use the barf bags. It took a LOT to get through it...I'm such a wimp. But, technically, not REALLY, I just had been to Six Flags a couple days before then.

Then (the worst part of the day) we stood in line for like an hour-hour and a half to go play Toy Story Midway Games. I've played this game on Wii so I kind of had an advantage. The games change over and over.....and it's SO much fun!!

Then Brandon, Kathy and William went to the hotel to rest up (since they'd been up early) and get ready for Napa Rose. I stayed and did some rides on my own. :)

Got a corn dog to hold over til dinner. Good stuff....

Rode the big swings and I'm pretty sure this was the 2nd scariest ride...I don't know why the baby rides are scarier to me than the huge ones.

Went back to A Bug's Land and rode Flik's Flyer. Cute, really. Much more fun than the death swings. :)

And, finally, it was time for our reservation at Napa Rose. Amazing food, very nice.

I had scallops for an appetizer and salmon for the main course. So good. Brandon, William and Kathy got the tasting menu with the wine courses, too. I didn't feel like paying the price. But, the desert wine (made ONLY at Disneyland) was so good, I had to get a bottle (for only $45). One splurge a trip, you know... ;) I wish...

The vino...

Then we went to see the (amazing production) called World of Color. While waiting the ferris wheel makes these beautiful colors. I got this shot right in time. Love it, very proud!

The colorful lazer show is one of the best (the night shows really are worth every minute it takes to get a good spot). The Disney movies and music make it over the top. Another great day of Disney. I miss it...

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