Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last Official Day at Disney :(

The last official day of Disney was such a busy day. But after 7 days of vacation where we were going, going, going, it was starting to get to us. Nevertheless, we crammed everything in that we could.
We started the day at Disneyland, my favorite :)
Because we stayed on property we were invited to a special Town Hall Meeting in Toontown, that was shut off to general admission people.
Before it started I toured Minnie's house :)
Then went to the meeting, where Mayor Mickey spoke to all us Toon Town Citizens :) After a little bit of dancing we got our Honorary Citizen pin for our lanyards and headed back to the rides. I really wanted Minnie's autograph but I couldn't find her and it was a 30 minute wait at her house. I had so much I wanted to do though, so I left :(
Then we got to ride the iconic Tea Cups!!!
Duh, I rode a pink one...
Then we rode the Storybook Canals. Super cute but those little boats freak me out, always feel like I'm going to tip over.
Ah!!!!!!! Eaten by the whale....just like Pinocchio
Sleeping Beauty's castle through the storybook canal ride.
Aladdin's (miniature) palace. So cute...
Then we drove down the Disney highway at Autotopia. (Not really my favorite because the pedals are short and it takes a LOT of push them but on a positive note, I got a great leg work out :)
Loading the cars...
Then Kathy and I rode the Astro Orbiter. Just like Dumbo but much more Tomorrowland-ish.
Then we went to see the Enchanted Tiki Room show with everyone...
Watching (essentially) the same show that was performed since 1963! That was really neat. Me and my historical stuff :)
Then we all went on a safari on the Jungle Cruise! Lol (again, with the boats? yikes)
I saw some elephants! And we saw some other animals and even some scary savages but we survived. :)
Then Brandon had made us reservations at Cafe Orleans and we had a yummy monte cristo sandwich and some great parmesan fries.
Yummy french fries! And the orange onion ring sauce stuff was amaazingggg
Then we went to ride Winnie the Pooh but I found all the characters in line signing autographs so I HAD to go!
Kathy joined the line soon after and we ended up on our own. Got a Tigger Tail desert that was pretty interesting. Marshmallows on a stick, dipped caramel and then COVERED with orange and black sprinkles to make it look like a REAL Tigger's tail. IT was ok .... to me it was just kinda weird. But very unique and very much worth the experience. I love trying new things...
Then we BOOKED it to Aladdin's show in Adventure Land. Kathy and I totally forgot so we almost missed it. Some women in line thought we were William and Brandon's wives so she let us cut her line. So sweet!
The genie was the star of the show, for real!
Really an amazing production, probably better than Broadway.
Aladdin and Jasmine are literally FLYING while singing "A Whole New World." You can hardly see them here but there's a blue light in the top right hand corner, that's them! They come out of the ceiling and fly over the crowd. Because we were on the second level we were eye-to-eye with them and loved it.
Then I talked everyone into going to the Monsters Inc ride. LOVE this movie!!!
My favorite character... :) "Mike Wizowsky" her best line.
Then everyone else went back to the room but I decided to stay out and see what was happening...Did some souvenir shopping and got a pretzel. (SO not worth it!)
Then we met back to ride Sourin California. HOLY COW!! AWESOME!!!!!!
Didn't really get Electronia Nights...
So with the loud dance music I went into this store... "Off the Page?" Does it sound like a book store perhaps?!? Duh.... I was hooked. Found some GREAT books but only got one on inspiring writers (for my students).
Then we rode Tower of Terror in the DARK. Amazing even more the second time!
We ran around riding more rides a second time, like Indiana Jones and Space Mountain, with all the fast passes William had gotten us. Think we rode Haunted Mansion again too. It was so much fun, wish the park stayed open even later than midnight. But eventually it was time to go and I got a hot dog and headed out of the park.

And to sum up my trip to Disneyland.......My Mickey signature. <3 you, Mickey.....I always have. I always will.

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