Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Boston: Day 1 (FINALLY)

Well, as Thanksgiving break comes up I finally have time to blog my next trip. I fought back and forth whether to go to Boston in July with my dad in the hospital but I'm so glad I did. It was a long 2 months and it seemed each day I was getting good news.
Unfortunately, our trip started really well. We made it to our connection in Atlanta, but then the plane was not well enough to take off. So after changing gates a few times we loaded the plane...and then an hour later had to get off and board a different plane. Happy, happy, joy! Eventually we made it to Boston...around 11pm.
My tray with my cookies (I was STARVING without a dinner), my new camera and my Salem research tourist guide. :)
Finally we were in Boston!! Even though the airport was closed. :) We were supposed to arrive around 5pm :p
We got checked into the Hampton Inn by the airport. It was a tight fit for 3 grown ladies but it was a nice comfort. This was our travel day, anyway. Day 2 was all about seeing Boston!!!

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