Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Boston: Day 2 (Let's Explore!)

Well, we got in SO late that we were really excited to actually see Boston the next day. We didn't wake up running but with my early-rising friends we were ready by 10-11am.
To get into town we took the shuttle to the subway and the subway into downtown. We stayed at the Hampton Inn Airport because of the rates. The people were GREAT there, too!
I still remember walking out into the city first thing. Love that initial feeling of meeting a big city for the first time. When we walked out we walked toward the harbor. Saw the fountains and tents set up.
Then we actually headed in the opposite direction of the harbor to see the Old State House and to get our Go Boston cards. This one card is about $100 for 6 days but it gets you into almost all of the attractions in the city. The Old State House is such a significant building! And it looks so small in front of all the skyscrapers... But to think right there was where the Declaration of Independence was read to the citizens, where the first person in the US was elected by citizens, and in front was the sight of the Boston Massacre.
After we got our Go Boston cards we decided to tour the State House. The museum part was absolutely amazing. They had such neat artifacts. There you see one of the stamps that was the first thing taxed by England on the colonies. This, of course, was what outraged the colonists because the taxes collected came with no representation of the people in the British government. "Taxation without representation."
The famous painting of the Boston Massacre, by Paul Revere. It was actually incorrect in MANY ways that the lovely tour guide pointed out.
One of the first drafts of the Declaration of Indepedence!!
I learned a lot about John Hancock, who was the first elected person in the United States! He was elected by the colonists to be Governor of Massachusetts. Of course, he's known throughout history for the more famous act of signing his name rather largely on the Declaration of Indepence. But in Boston, he's more famous for his other leadership tasks.
The upstairs room in the Old State House where John Hancock was inaugurated as the first elected governor and where the Samuel Adams drafted a letter to send to colonies to defy British rule.
The balcony where the Declaration of Independence was read aloud to the people of the "United States." :)
We took the tour led by a woman in "period, colonial" clothing. These sewage-like plaques were on the ground. I wish I would have just spent the whole day walking the Freedom Trail but my friends weren't as interested.
Legal Sea Foods is where we went to eat lunch. It's in the 1000 Things to See Before You Die Green AND Blue Book! We chose to eat outside which was right across from the Harbor. Such a good atmosphere.
My first try of clam chowda! Sooo good :)
Then I had a combination plate that had some scallops, crab cake and grilled shrimp. Wow, so good!!!
We used the T, or public subway, to get around. It was very, very convenient and cheap...until I lost my subway card. :/
We went to the Museum of Science to get our Duck Tour... We ended up having to walk a ways and then found out we were too late to get a tour that day. Not happy campers!
So we took the subway back to the harbor area and went to the famous Quincy Market. The street performers were fun... but I LOVED the shopping more.
The Christmas store was AWESOME. I got all sorts of gifts for everyone. I spent a couple hundred dollars but I have such cute Christmas ornament gifts to give now.
The view of all the shops along the way...
And one of my favorite parts of Boston was definitely going to Cheers (the bar from the world-famous tv show that my family and I watched all the time as a kid).
Just a pretty picture I took from Quincy Market showing how we were right beside the current skyscrapers of the city of Boston, yet in such a historical place.
Then we walked over to the park to see what was over there. I saw this really pretty arch... If I was alone I definitely would have chilled here on a bench reading my book or writing in my journal.
Then we decided it was time for dinner so we went to Cheers to have a drink and get a bite. The same bar from the show! :)
Had to have a beer! No...I didn't buy the souvenir mug.
Not everyone knew my name, though... Depression.
The last shot of the night (the day shot is a couple ahead). After dinner, we headed back to the hotel on the T and got ready for the next day... Salem, Massachusetts! The place we had planned on seeing for almost a year!

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