Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 5: Back to Boston

Before Kristi and Casey got ready to go for the day I snuck to the Salem National Historic Site: The Armory. There were other places to see, houses and such, but we didn't have time for that. But, that's ok, I'll be back :)

The National Park was right across the street from our hotel so I just left about 30 minutes early.
The exhibit had some interesting artifacts. I mostly went for the stamps in my National Park passport. There was also a one-hour film on the area and the history of it but I didn't have time for the entire film. Supposedly it won an award for it, though.
Then I met up with Kristi and Casey and we went back to the Peabody Essex Museum. Before we got started we had a quick breakfast in the cafe.
We began in a water exhibit that was "visiting" the museum. Then we got into their permanent collection which included a lot of Asian pieces.
There was plenty of art...
There was an exhibit of old sailing journals...
Nice exhibit lay out.
There were also exhibits of Native art and sailing pieces. Really a huge variety of things... I'm just not versed enough on the different types of art to give a thorough description of it all.
There were other beautiful houses that were apart of the Peabody Essex Museum but they weren't open at that time...
Then, unfortunately, it was time to get back to Boston, so we had to take the ferry back.
We decided to put up our luggage and go to the Cambridge side of town. I had a Groupon to Eagles Deli since it was featured on Man vs Food.
Eagles Deli is most known for their HUGE burger challenges. I didn't stand a chance...
So I just got a Cowboy Burger with BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese. ;)
Then we headed to Harvard!!! I was watching a movie lately where the kids had to recite the 4 reasons this statue was invalid. Ohhhhhh what was that movie?? Maybe it was that Facebook movie?
Then, my biggest excitement/disappointment... We made it to the Harvard Library!!!!! But you had to have a college ID to get in :( I would have wanted to spend the night in there but still, I would have really liked to go in there! Maybe when I'm a student :)
Most of the lovely Harvard campus :) It was beautiful!!
And more... Ahhhhhh, beautiful!
And Kristi and I both had to go to the bathroom so bad, so we snuck into this science building to go lol. Then I finally found a co-op store to get plenty of Harvard school supplies and clothing :)
Afterwards, we ended up shopping at the big mall at Prudential Center. While Kristi and Casey went to chill at The Cheesecake Factory I went upstairs to the Tower to get some killer night views of Boston!
My camera settings couldn't quite handle the bright lights below with the reflection in the windows but still a stunning view nonetheless.
Views of the water... Harbor, perhaps? I had no sense of direction up there!
The viewing area of the Prudential Tower... Really roomy and very nice. I think it costs about $8.
Then I joined Kristi and Casey for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. It was so good, and our waiter was so cute. We had another great day and Day 6 was FULL BLAST so be prepared :)

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