Friday, April 6, 2012

Astros Mania (Happy Opening Day!)

As a way to celebrate opening day of the Astros I have to post some pictures from the games last year. Heather, Brandi, Deborah and I made it to a bunch of games last year and each time was great. Although the season wasn't so successful (worst in our division, if not the league) the ballpark is always a fun time.
Had to take a picture of Carlos Lee because I got my (old) glove signed before the game. (In fact, I could have sworn I took a picture of it but I don't have any on my computer...) But he was super nice and when it was his turn to pitch he totally booked it from the bull pen to the field. Loved that!
And Deborah and I love coming to the games on Friday nights when the fireworks go off!
Yay! So beautiful :) I love fireworks...
And Heather, Brandi and I had to go for Heather's birthday to see Hunter Pence, her future husband. Unfortunately, and shockingly, he got traded at the end of the season to the Phillies. He was the only player we had left that got everyone excited that we had some pros on our team. Oh well... the Astros haven't made the best choices lately... not sure this season will be much better. (I'm a huge Rangers fan too so I can always pull for them, lol.)
Heather worked her magic and got us amazing seats so we could star at Hunter's backside all night. :)
We were what? 10th row? And kept getting closer as the night went on...
Heather getting closer and closer :) We should have brought a poster, dang it!
The night was a success. Not many nights that we went did we get to say we saw a WIN! :) But, like I said, going to the Astros games aren't about the win, they're about the ball park and watching one of America's favorite past times and my favorite sport to play: BASEBALL!

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