Friday, April 6, 2012

Ode to Culinary Goodness

So, I have the flu...Got it at work. It stinks but it can't make a day off bad. Happy Good Friday :) But since I can no longer taste food I thought I'd blog on the next culinary traveling I did after Elgin.
First, I took a picture of my first "fried green tomatoes." Not only were these my first try (which I loved) but it was the first meal my dad had outside the hospital! It was really a great night. Had these at Black Eyed Pea, which isn't a highly acclaimed dining establishment, but is a great place in my book as they use food made from locally grown farmers. Thanks for supporting Texas, BEP!
Then a few weeks after that my dad was really craving meatloaf (gross) and he remembered they had it at Logan's Roadhouse. I had never (remembered) being here so I decided to take pictures so that I could review it.
My dad's favorite part is the buckets of peanuts that you can shell and throw on the floor.
I ordered the grilled chicken and ribs. The chicken was GREAT and the ribs were ok. I love, love, love tomatoes so it was yummy, yummy, yummy.
Then they had these promotional mini-bucket desserts so my mom and I split a brownie sundae one. It was like 4-5 bites and just enough for us.
And, three cheers for my new frozen yogurt obsession! Menchie's is one of those frozen yogurt places where you serve yourself with dozens of flavors, toppings and then pay by the ounce. I spent like 5-10 nights here with students and family and friends. It was the date of choice! My dad loves it and so does everyone else I know who has tried it. And the company is superb! If you email the company they'll send someone out to classrooms, baseball games, etc. Such a great place!!!

And there you have my culinary travels during the first couple of months of school!

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