Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and New Orleans!

Oh, my!  I'm approaching the realization that I am almost TEN MONTHS behind in my blog!  But I have to admit I've started a few other blogs (my 1001 movies, my classroom blog and my teachers blog).  But, trust me, travel is still my #1.  I just have sooooo many other things going on including: school, getting into UT, and an extra job.  But, let me share my travels with you!

Thanksgiving 2011 started at the scrapbook retreat house with my friend Kristi but then I came back into Houston to eat the traditional meal with my family (dad, mom, aunt and Heather).

The last few years my family has eaten Thanksgiving dinner at Landry's Seafood in the Woodlands.  It's got a good buffet of seafood and traditional Thanksgiving food.  Last year, though, we had to have a table of 5 and waited for almost 2 hours.  And that's with being a "select member".  Might not go back this year if we have enough time to research a better place.
After dinner Heather and I headed out to NEW ORLEANS!!!!  The Texas/Texas A&M game was on and was really tight.  So about 30-45 minutes outside of New Orleans we went ahead and pulled over so I could watch the 4th quarter.  It was a shadddddddddddddy sports bar with crappy tvs and shadddddddddy people hitting on us but it was an AWESOME, HISTORICAL victory over A&M that they won't get to play for again.  A&M leaving for the SEC was their choice.  Good luck to them (not really).  It was an awesome win!  Just wish I had been in Texas to watch it, because the skanky LA friends were more worried about finding their ride home.
The shady sports bar...but hey, ladies drank free :)  Can't beat that...
Then Heather and I headed into New Orleans, in the French Quarter and got to our room at the Crowne Plaza around 10pm.  It was a nice room and I'm pretty sure I slept on the other bed to the left.  This appears to be the only picture I took-probably more for Trip Advisor purposes.  The bed was super comfy!!
Once we put our luggage and car up we walked up and down Bourbon street.  It was a pretty mild crowd but oh, Bourbon Street, how I had missed you! Lol, it was still the same as it always had been...years later.  I think we had a grenade to welcome ourselves back to the NOLA.  But it was a mild night with not much going on so we went ahead and headed back after walking up and down.  Tomorrow the real exploring began.

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