Monday, October 8, 2012

New Orleans Day 1

The first morning we were there was a late morning.  I think I got in the shower around 10-11am.  But that's kinda how Heather and I roll.  If I remember correctly we ended up watching Alvin and the Chipmunks... and it was pretty funny, lol.   
Having been obsessed with 1000 Things to See Before You Die I begged Heather to go eat at Galatoires.  It ended up just being 100 feet from the hotel on Bourbon St.  Supposedly Fridays lunch crowd is super fun.  I wasn't sure if that would be the case on the Friday after Thanksgiving but it was pretty happening.  I only wish I hadn't worn jeans.  Lol everyone else was dressed in sports coat or for ladies, dress, heals, etc.
The inside was very cute.  It was pretty small but had a fun, lively environment...
I went with the recommendations from 100 Things and went with the Shrimp Remoulade and the Crabmeat Maison.  It was absolutely delicious!
And, they had a Brandy Alexander on the menu so I couldn't pass one up. :)
After Galatoire's we just kind of wandered around... I had never seen the court buildings.  I loved the statue in front of it.  Justice is served here, people! Lol
The street performers were very authentic New Orleans.  Yes, that man will fit through a TENNIS RACKET...
That right there earned him my money.  If my hips could fit through a tennis racket I'm pretty sure I'd cry of pure joy!
Then we strolled along the mighty Mississippi River... Never gets old... Never.
Then it was time for one of my most favorite New Orleans traditions...BEIGNETS from Cafe Du Monde!!!!
The line was REALLY, REALLY annoying.  People were totally being disrespectful and just stealing a seat.  No one at Cafe du Monde seemed to care for a second because they were too busy delivering the tasty pieces of sugared heaven.  But Heather and I minded all social norms and politeness and WAITED in the line for our table. 
And right before my drool was going to creep out my mouth they brought me my iced cafe au lait and beignets and all was right in the world.  All the noise and the huff and puff of watching people steal seats melted away.  Sure my pants got dirty from the shower of powdered sugar...who cares.  It's like wearing a New Orleans Louis Vouitton around...a symbol saying, "Yes, I ate beignets today, I rock, be jealous!"
Beside Cafe du Monde was a very busy crowd watching the performer in the far bottom/right hand corner of the picture.  I just wanted a good picture of the Christmas tree with the fleur de lis on top.  I wish it was just a shade darker so you could see the lights better!
I took, of course, 400 pictures of Jackson Square but none really came out.  You can see the blurriness at the bottom of the page.  But pictures don't describe the reality of being there to me...I love Jackson Square.
Then we passed the National Parks Jean Lafittee location so I begged Heather to stop and see what it was all about.  Basically it was this...
with the outside looking like this... Yea, not impressed.  The park rangers were more excited by the middle-aged woman that was giving them attention.  There wasn't a lot of exhibits there... Just some property that the NPS had acquired of the French Quarter, really.  I was really disappointed.  Maybe because it was 15 minutes before closing?  I dunno, just kinda confused because I go to NPS locations when I travel always.
So Plan A) Go back to the hotel room and watch tv for a little bit til Rock N Bowl got started around 9.

Heather: "Well, we can go back to the hotel room, or we can have a drink, your pick."
Brandy: "Ummm, I guess we can have drink. Pat O'Briens looks quiet and we can have the signature hurricane-since last night we had the signature grenade."

4 Hurricanes Later...

Plan B) Stumble to hotel. boots and all.  Get sick in the bathroom. off.  Get sick in the bathroom.  Feel sick the next day til about 7pm.

Sure......let's go with Plan B!
The last picture of the night...... My arch nemesis.  The HURRICANE.  Heather and I can't really repeat (online) the extent of our 2.5 hour stop at Pat O'Briens.  Believe me, we still laugh about it...regularly.  But let's just say the Bartenders made our night.  We learned a LOT from and about the locals.  I felt like Norm on my bar stool of 10 years.  And those hurricanes snuck up on me.  I don't remember feeling any sort of incapacitated until it was time to go rock and bowl.  I remember thinking the bed was so comfy at the hotel...and I'm sad to say, Heather spent the rest of the night alone wandering Boubon Street...while I...shameful as can be...slept off my hurricanes.

I publically apologize to you, Heather!!!!!!! :)  You're the best travel partner E.V.E.R. if you still go places with me after all of my "oops" travel moments.  Lol 

Let's just say there won't be TOO much to show you on Day 2.  L.O.L.

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