Saturday, January 2, 2010

Last Weekend of Christmas Vacation

It always comes down to the last days of a vacation period and you go, "What the heck happened to my vacation?!?" Even though I tried to keep blogging I still feel like I wasted it. But, enough of that business. Let's talk about the rest of Dallas.

So, once I got to Dallas I totally got lazy. I wouldn't say lazy as much as COLD. Well, I forgot a jacket (because you don't really need one in Houston. Wellllll, even though Dallas is only 200 miles north it's quite a big difference temperature-wise. On my first day, Tuesday, I believe it snowed almost ALL afternoon. It was magical!! I had the blinds open and the blanket on all day. It was great.

The next day, the sun came out so I explored the AW Perry House and Museum and Historic Downtown Carrollton. Again, I've seen these places a million times but never photographed them, and I needed the research for the job. Enjoy the photos!

Oh, and update: After I left Dallas I stopped off at the lakehouse to see my aunt. I dropped off Matt's flag gifts and got my jacket I had left there a week or so ago. Then today, I drove home. I'm trying to clean up a bit and watching the bowl games. I'm hoping to get some Houston trips and errands run the rest of the break. It was fun while it lasted!

AW Perry House and Museum. Funny story: The sign said "Open" so I went to open the door. It wouldn't open. So I kind of leaned down to look in the window and my hair got caught on the wreath. So the lady comes to the door and I'm like stuck on it and she's kind of weirded out. Haha, I'm.......a loser.
I liked this pic too. I must have a thing for old timey looking lampposts.
The barn...there wasn't any path to walk there although it kind of looked open. There was an old man walking around the area and I had just watched a freaky episode of Cold Case and Law and Order so I didn't really feel comfortable checking out the old-looking barn alone with that guy in there. Plus it was really windy and the windmill in the top left hand corner was making this really weird banging noise that I started psyching myself out that I would die in there. Oh, and I had just watched Changling, too so yea, no barn discovering.

I liked this one...with the lamppost and all.
All lit up
Agave is where my grandma and I ended up eating dinner later that night. It was good Mexican food but the mango margarita was definitely the best part. :)

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