Sunday, April 18, 2010

Burton Cotton Gin Festival

This weekend I went to the Burton Cotton Gin Festival. It was very country. :) I was also planning on going the Houston International Festival today but it was raining and I ended up going shopping with my parents. (Wow, I'm like 5 lol.)

They had some craft fair tents set up but it was nothing like last weekend so I was sad. Lol
There was a tractor pull and that kept my attention for about 30 seconds lol. I think many of the people here were eating and watching. The grassy hill was a great place to eat because there weren't a lot of tables.
The Cotton Gin

I took a free tour of the gin and it was cool. Good ole cotton smarts.
View from up in the cotton gin.

Went to dinner with my mom at Goode's BBQ. FINALLY. It was good....yea, that's about it. :) I've had better.

Cute decor though...
Bevo! And Anson is only 24 miles away. Yay, that's where Terry and Barbara are! :)
Next weekend I have four festivals to get to. We'll see what happens.

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