Sunday, April 25, 2010

Alvin Rotary Frontiers Day and Houston International Festival

This weekend I had four festivals in mind, with an attempt at 3 of them but only got to 2. I went to Alvin, Texas near the coast for the Rotary Club's Frontiers Day Festival on Saturday. Then Sunday I FINALLY! got to the Houston International Festival. Both were fun and as the summer approaches I can't help but start to get REALLY excited about all the travelling this summer holds for me. Without further ado...

Alvin Train Depot where the festival was located near.
Lots of rides for kids...made me miss Roo Roo and Lucas.
Craft fair.....met the nicest guy where I bought my new makeup bag that matches my suitcase :) He was hilarious and a great salesman. Aggie, though..... Bleh
Look at this was HUGE, I don't know I thought it was beautiful
Carnival games (kind of a joke, but again it's for the kids here)
Car show was lame. They were just parked in the grass lol but this one was hot.
The Houston International was quite the excitement. SO busy but luckily the wind was blowing so it wasn't that hot. Just soooooooo many people!
A sea of people.....I now know what that looks like.
Food vendors and craft sellers were on either side.
Rocking out in front of City Hall. LOL I love this scenario.
Love downtown...It reminds me of NYC in a small, small, small way. :)
Fountains...Everytime I was ready to take a good picture the water would stop running! Then I'd walk away and look back and the water would be cascading down again. Agggggravating.
The Lousiana area was definitely one of the more fun places. The Zydeco band was awesome and people were dancing and eating great food. Picked up a margarita here too. :)
The food area.....crazy packed.
Haha the library was transformed into the Mexican/Latin area.
The Caribbean was the featured destination for the International Festival. It was awesome. Loved the .........
Pirate ship you could get on!!!! LOL
Fort........ Crazy people....Look at her fingernails on the girls shoulder. YIKES!!!!!

My favorite shot of the weekend :)

Next weekend? Dallas for some more festivals and research!

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