Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer Cancellation

Well, I'm sad to say most of what I've been working towards this summer is being cancelled. I had some pain last weekend and upon my doctor's appointment on Thursday learned that I have a rather large tumor/cyst possibly connected to my ovaries that goes from my pelvic area up to my chest. This is going to be removed in surgery and will take quite a bit of recovery time. My heart fell as the doctor said it may be ovarian cancer. But that's yet to be determined until the thing is removed. It may be up to 30 pounds! WTF?!? I thought I was just getting fat. LOL

My Colorado trip has been cancelled. And I will probably not be going on my cruise this summer. Most of everything else is cancelled as well. Brian and I are still talking about going to Vegas in August but it all depends on the recovery.

If anything else has come of this I have learned that I have AMAZING people in my life. I have some of the best friends and family a person could dream of having. My aunts are ready to come down and help me pack up my classroom and prepare for surgery. My friends and teachers are ready to pack up anything. Brian has been more of a support than I could have imagined since him and I have only spent so much time together. I'm just unbelievably grateful to God who has blessed me in so many ways but in the particular way of surrounding me with unbelievably caring people.

I'm excited to get back to travelling later in the summer but for now.

Permanent station: Houston, Texas and Hermann Memorial Hospital in Katy, Texas

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