Monday, May 3, 2010

Cottonwood Art Festival and Dallas

I began my weekend in Dallas on Saturday by eating lunch at the Corvette Cafe. It's a small hole-in-the-wall that serves everything under the sun. The prices were GREAT and there wasn't a line. Although the only tv was a Spanish soccer game I still had a nice lunch with my grandma.

Kinda cute, right? Very meek.
Then I was off to explore at Cottonwood Park for the Cottonwood Art Festival in Richardson.

The parking wasn't well planned but the park was beautiful.
The art here was absolutely fabulous, I must say. Definitely one of the best I've been to.

And art wasn't all they had. They also had an outdoor bar set up with wine and beer. And a live band was scheduled throughout the day. Good music, too.

Well, I finished up pretty quickly and decided to go to Cedar Hill for some shopping at the Uptown Village. Very nice place. :) It had a great outdoor area where kids were playing in the water fountains. They had a Barnes and Noble, Charming Charlies, and good clothes places. I got a nice summer shirt for the cruise and a summer dress that goes good with everything. Yay!

(Took this in my car...not so good but cute shopping center)

That night I went to Lefty's Lobster House. Such a small place but so loud and vibrant. I love seafood so I thought it was great. Had the salmon. LOVE salmon.

Bar was good :)

LOL Loved this picture of my grandma in her bib! And her lobster. Poor guy......

I was completely obsessed with the super heavy lobster. He was so cute in a creepy corpse kinda way. Poor give your life for someone else's nutrition (or lack thereof).

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