Sunday, October 10, 2010

Last Weekend: Astos!!!

I had some car trouble since Plano. I had to get two new tires as the tread was WORN lol and they were first telling me $1300. Ummmm no! But shout out to National Tire and Battery for hooking me up with some great tires. It took some time to do some research and school kind of got busy so I took a few weeks off. However, I have a few things I did.

Two weeks ago went to this fun Mexican food restaurant in Cypress called La Hacienda. They have great chicken enchiladas and I tried the chimichanga and that was good too.
So the following week (October 1) I went with some friends from work to the Astros game during their last weekend. The stadium was pretty quiet but it was a fun night out when the weather was mild. Minute Maid Stadium is really nice but the $7.25 bottle of beer is kind of hard to swallow....
Beautiful stadium!!!!
Warming up and look at those HOT RIDES!! :)
I was SO EXCITED to see my baseball idols Jeff Bagwell (3rd from the left) and Craig Biggio (last or 4th from the left). They were honored for their great service to the Astros Organization. It was really neat, I couldn't believe it was them.
Bagwell!!!! My first base hero and super power batting skills.
Biggio!!!! I always wore the same scruffy baseball helmet because of him and his example lol.
National Anthem....
This was a shot when Hunter Pence was on third base and I was hoping for the score although we did lose that night (as we did many, many times this season).
My mom and I went to visit some friends on the opposite side of the field. Great picture from there too.
And while on the other side, saw a marriage proposal. Awwwww cute! Lol
The lights down...night shot!
7th inning stretch was singing Deep In the Heart Of Texas...loud and proud, baby!
The conductor on top of the stadium! We didn't get any home runs so it didn't get to go much...
And luckily my friends wanted to stay for the firework show. I tried to find the firework setting but it didn't work but you get the effect lol.
Then the night turned for the worse! Let's just say we ended up in a tattoo parlor for the first time EVER and I almost got a longhorn tattoo and....I may have one by the end of the year but we'll see. Lol, I just couldn't get over how a bunch of teachers, safe friends and I ended up with a tattoo and a few nose rings. But I'm not going into details online. LOL

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