Sunday, October 10, 2010

This Weekend: State Fair!

Well, this weekend I went with my friend Shanna to Dallas for the State Fair of Texas! (Again...) LOL
It was sooooo crowded!
We didn't waste any time, though. We went straight to the shopping tent then got our tickets. Time for the fried food fest! First we tried the Fried Lemonade and Fried Smores. We split both and I loved them. The fried lemonade tasted just like warm lemon pound cake. The smore was like a warm chocolate donut. Both delicious! And past award winners of the Fried Food Contest a few years past.
The fried smore...
Wow, the inside lol. Awesome....but a bit messy. Definitely needed the napkins and some hand sanitizer afterwards.
LOVE the Go Texan group focusing on locally grown produce and wine. Beautiful mural, as well.
Then we headed to the live animals. Fluffy chicken!
The chicka-poodle. Lol :)
This goose loved me and when I came up he stood on one leg for me showing off. We bonded. Maybe we were friends in a former life :)
My new friend, Duck.
Very sweepy duck with his hat...
The top cock......
Just in case you thought I was joking...this was outside the earlier guy's cage. WHAT A TITLE...
The biggest pig I've ever seen...
This big boy represents the Longhorns football season, "*sigh*"
My favorite cow!!!!
I totally thought milking a cow was different......
Tried getting a fun shot of the rides in front of the Cotton Bowl sign but I couldn't get a perfect one...Still kinda cool, though.
Then I FINALLY rode the BIGGEST FERRIS WHEEL IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE!!! It wasn't even that scary since they LOCK you inside lol.
Fun views...
Awesome view of the Midway...
Hello, again, Big Tex!!
Fried grilled cheese lol. Can you believe it??
Then my highlight of the trip...the FRIED MARGARITA Lol!! It was a funnel cake laid inside margarita mix with whipped cream on top. Heaven.....soggy heaven, really but tastes fantastic. And not a HUGE portion. It got so busy after the Tech/Baylor game let out that we had to go. We could hardly get through the ways. Plus I spent most of my tickets and didn't even have a taste of a buzz. I could have gotten like 50 buzzes with that kind of money but it was fun and Shanna can actually say she's been to the State Fair of Texas!!! Since it's one of the 1000 Things to See Before You Die: USA Edition it's a big thing. :)
This morning Shanna, my grandma and I went to Norma's Cafe for breakfast. It was great. Actually, I'm eating my leftovers as I'm typing this lol.
The inside. LOVE the Texas flag booths lol.
And the back of the restaurant...
The biscuits were GIGANTIC and I had the meat lovers omelette. It was really good and lasted all day for me. Another great trip to Dallas, Texas!!
Next weekend: Austin, Texas for the Texas Book Festival!!

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