Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 3: A Bit of Everything but Not Much of Anything

Well day three wasn't as productive as I had hoped but it was such a relaxing trip that I don't find myself regretting my laziness. My first stop after another great, filling breakfast was.......a book store :) Got a traditional Cornwall children's story and The BFG since British TV is iffy and the Internet connection was on/off at the hotel.

I stopped at the Penzance post office and talked to a really nice postman who helped me get international stamps for my postcards.

I found that the bus stopped in the middle of the city yesterday, so I walked around here, the Main Street of Penzance, while waiting for the bus. This is where the main shopping area is so it's pretty lively.

Found my mom her elephants (I get them for her all over the world) here... Saw some other cute stuff but didn't want to go crazy with limited luggage and credit card space. Lol

Then I found.....another book store :) Got Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Ended up reading it over the next couple of months. Great read.

The public bathrooms left a bit to be desired. Felt kinda scary, not gonna lie!

A view of the city from the Romanesque statue/City Hall building...
Taking the bus back to Land's End to see the town actually alive and open for business. Another great picture of the English countryside. <3

One of the medieval-looking churches in a small town on the way to Lands End from Penzance.

Coming into Lands End from the bus stop...
Love the post!!

There was a small exhibit by the entrance about walking from one tip of the UK to the other. It's a long distance and I took a bunch of pictures of how far it is...sounds like another goal of mine. :)

While at Lands End I did my souvenir shopping and ended up getting a watch for 5 pounds. Never mind my hair arm shot....Yikes. But it was a cute watch! I wonder where it is.... I need to find it.

Had to take a picture of the British version of the $1 store. :)

And Tresco was the British version of Walmart. :) I didn't go in, though, it was kinda far from the bus stop and I didn't have a lot of free time to stop.

I took the bus to St Michael's Mount. I was hoping I'd have enough time to walk across the walkway before the tide but then got worried I'd get stuck if the tide came in while I was on the mountain. I think I got there at 3:50 and it closed at 4:00. It was so depressing!

Walking on the beach to the walkway...

The walkway to St Michael's Mount...

Walking on the walkway....Getting nervous. See everyone in the it was cold and I didn't want my feet to get wet and freeze to death.

So I headed back to the beach area to get a coffee and snack.

During the day my iPod headphones stopped working so I ended up at Argos, a store I was directed to to get electronics. Very interesting store but the people were really helpful.

When you walk in there's NOTHING there, no merchandise. But there are all these huge catalogs. Turns out you find what you want in the GIGANTIC catalog and then it's delivered to the counter in half an hour. Since I just wanted headphones it took only 2-3 minutes. But as I was leaving they were closing, so it was nice of them to help out right before closing.

As it was starting to rain I headed back to the room. Another beautiful bed...

Had gotten some Smirnoff Ice at the grocery store the first night so I partook...

Then the Penzance Pirate weekend began with fireworks. So I got to see some good ones...It was another peaceful, relaxing evening. Though as you can see I was starving and ready for breakfast ASAP. Lol My last night in Penzance, though. Little did I know what was in store for me the rest of the trip!

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