Thursday, September 1, 2011

England: Day 2 Porthcurno

Day 2 began my journey outside of the actual city of Penzance. Each day I travel I try to wake up bright and early but when in such comfortable beds and beautiful surroundings that I pay extra for, it makes it difficult to leave the room or the hotel. :) That's my least.
I started my day with a traditional English breakfast. Yes, even with the blood sausage. No, I didn't eat it.....Not my style.
The dining room at The Abbey Hotel was so pretty. I loved the fresh flowers each day. There was a fire warming the room each morning, since it was a chilly 50 degrees most mornings. And the natural light from the windows was just a very organic way to start the day.
As I walked from the hotel to the bus station I found a souvenir shop and I stopped to get a few basics: postcards, a patch, and stickers.
Then I headed to catch my bus for the Porthcurno, where the Minack Theatre was playing a matinee.
Even though it was chilly, I rode on the second story of the bus for the beautiful views.
I got this great view of the middle of the city of Penzance from the top of the bus as we went through.
Then I got this amazing view of the whole city from the top of the hill as we were leaving the city.
And the great shots just kept coming.....A few of the surrounding countryside on our way to Porthcurno. So peaceful...
I couldn't get enough of the area. I must have 10-15 pictures of different views.
Then we passed the Cornwall version of Stonehenge.
While driving through the countryside the lanes were SO narrow. The buses would have to really move into the shrubs to let the little British cars creep by. It was amazing to see the driving on the parts of the bus drivers.
And about 45 minutes later I was in Porthcurno! How amazing is that view?!? But, you can tell from the angle how high I am up over it and let me tell you that was a STEEP walk...
The play showing was Alice in Wonderland...based on the REAL book, not the Disney version. It was a great production put on my a high school art school. Very good show.
And look at the view......It was hard to focus on the play at times :)
Another view of the play.....with the amazing background scenery.
And during the matinee it's a big tradition to get an ice cream. So I paid my two British pounds ($3.75) for a little ice cream. It was good but...kinda over priced :) Other families brought lunches and ate during the play. What a fun family outting, really.
The characters interacted with the audience a lot, especially the school children. And the costumes were very good.
I had to take a picture of the "Rubbish" bins. No wonder people looked at me funny when I asked where the "trash cans" were...
While I was up at the restrooms I took this picture of the entire theater.
The entire the end of the performance. Again, a great experience that was NOT in my 1000 Things book but it was one of my favorite moments!!
Then as I was walking back to the bus stop I found this shop that also serves lite bites. So for lunch I had a panini...not bad. Unfortunately, the bus was late which...
put me late into Lands End. It was a small little stop. But in England everything closes at 5pm :(
What a welcome!
Inside the Visitors Pavillion is pretty kitchy (a little touristy for most people's tastes) but it's good for kids...although expensive. I didn't do any of these 3D priate or ocean activities, though.
The beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean :) From the most Western point of England. In fact, previous to 1492 this was thought to be where the world ends....Thus, the city, "Lands End."
What a beautiful view in Land's End.
And while I was walking around (all by myself since the city closed down after 5:30pm) I saw these two bunnies playing. It made me miss my bunnies at home....
This is actually the souvenir shop I ended up visiting the next day when I came back and got to mail my postcards from here.
Again, I'm trying to portray how little the roads were compared with these huge buses driving along them!
And since I was heading back to the hotel with no dinner plans I saw this Take Away place where I got some famous fish and chips and a steak "pasty," famous in Cornwall.
The "apartment" in the Abbey Hotel, where I stayed that night. I made my reservations so late (the day before) that they were pretty much booked, so I had to trade rooms each night. Good feel for the rooms though.
The bedroom...
The infamous Cornwall Pasty....mine was with steak. Not bad at all!
And the fried cod was REALLY good but the fries were they always are. I relaxed all night and tried uploading pictures all night while the Internet signal came on/off repeatedly.

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