Sunday, September 18, 2011

England Day 4: Penzance Pirate Festival and Isles of Scilly!

Well, the fourth day was a bit boring in the beginning but ended up being one of the milestones of my travel life. Milestone: first time riding in a helicopter :) Here is my day... I began my day with another lovely breakfast and my morning coffee. I should begin each day like this....probably my favorite part of an English vacation.
I thought I'd have time to wake up early and get to St. Michael's Mount for it turns out it was closed for the Penzance Pirates Festival. So, I had 4-5 hours to wander the streets of Penzance which turns out to have been enjoyable, just wish I had seen St Michael's up close and personal.
My luggage had broken earlier in the trip and I was worried about the very strict helicopter luggage rules so I rushed around to find a new suitcase that wasn't as big as mine, nor as heavy. Yes, I pack way too much. So, I ended up asking around and finding the "Pound Stretcher" which is very similar to a Big Lots. I found a big suitcase with a cute polka-dot design for about 20L. Funny part? My fancy suitcase 5 times as much didn't get half the compliments that the cheap, British suitcase gets. :)
Turns out all morning there were parades...small ones, of course. Lots of Scottish bagpipes and later in the day saw a children's parade.
One last view of my hotel.....So dreary that wonder the helicopters were running behind.
While walking around Penzance I saw this adorable children's parade... It was a few of the different schools and their classes who made some sort of ocean craft that they were carrying. On the walk back through all the parents were carrying the craft, though. Hilarious! :)
Loved the giant squid that opened its tentacles into the audience...
Loved the gigantic pirate. There was like a Mardi Gras Krewe holding this huge thing in the air...definitely not children holding this, nor the squid for that matter.
DURING the parade there was this high school band playing. I felt so bad for them, lol. They just kept playing...and people were all over the place. Love the school uniforms, though. Very British :)
Then, it had been pretty cold and I was thinking I might be even cooler on the islands so I bought a pair of long jeans. And, just like things always was warm the rest of the trip. :)
While walking around (in a pretty small area) I figured I had to try to famous Cornish ice cream. It was good was no Blue Bell :)
Cute little ice cream shop, and had to laugh at the employees in the cow costumes. At least they were having fun.
And even though I couldn't really find any food I wanted I knew I may not be eating til dinner. I have this HORRIBLE habit of not eating and then getting really sick and weak by the middle of the day after doing a lot of walking or hiking. So I stopped at this cook out to get a hamburger and...DISGUSTING! I don't know what that was but it was not a hamburger, American style.
So I had a (horrible) grilled cheese while sitting on the curb staring at some very nice scenery.
Since the heli port was running late due to fog I spent a bit of time waiting in the Abbey Hotel drawing room. It was actually quite nice in the quiet room just uploading pictures and playing on Facebook. Very relaxing...
Then my taxi finally showed and I ended up staying at the Heli Port for a couple hours because the morning fog backed everything up. Since I was going to the smaller island of Tresco I had to wait for the bigger, fuller flights to St. Mary's Island. But gave me some time to upload pics and blogs.
I was so nervous, you have NO idea! But I was brave and got on the flight. :) Still think it's funny that my brother builds helicopter engines and I had never been on one.
Going to the Isles of Scilly I sat in the middle of the helicopter. Quite a few people in there...22 total passengers.
We were in the fog/clouds for quite a bit but soon some islands emerged in the window beside me and I got some great pictures of the Isles of Scilly!
Coming into view...
Landing on the island of Tresco...
I was really confused as to how we were going to get to the hotel since there aren't any cars allowed on the island and then I saw.....tractors?!?
Connected to what looked like a horse trailer lol
So, the luggage was put up by the cute tractor boy and all the people from the helicopter got in the trailer. Lol too funny...
I stayed at The Island Hotel. OMG, best place ever....Look how cute the bedding was...
The porch outside my door...
The view from my porch.. :) Heaven....on Earth...bliss.
There was a bottle of champagne waiting for me...Love the hotel, I'm telling you! I didn't even order it.
So I drank the whole bottle while watching the scenery and talking to my parents on the phone. Truly magical!
The Island Hotel is an all inclusive hotel with breakfast and dinner included. I got all dressed up and had the most amazing meal. And all the food looked so fancy! This was a local fish dish on spinach. So good...and I'm NOT a spinach eater.
Since everyone else dining was a couple I had to show what entertained me, lol. My book, journal and phone. Gotta love the Minnie Mouse pen, huh?? :)
The spinach ravioli was absolutely amazing. Really some of the best food I've ever had...truly! If all food tasted like this I'd totally be a vegetarian.
Then the most amazing creme brulee with raspberry sauce. It was really funny because most people ordered this in the dining room and you kept hearing all this clinking noise of all the people trying to get the last bit of this dish....And let's just say there was clinking on my part too. :)
I really wanted some coffee after dinner but I was so full! Since the waitress said they'd serve coffee until 11 I decided to take a walk around the hotel grounds.
How pretty is that sunset?!?
Loved the colorful flowers.... Even though it was the end of June, Cornwall was pretty cool and there were many people with jackets on but the landscape was beautiful. But I decided I was still too full for coffee and I'd simply get some when I woke up. So I headed back to my patio and read/wrote more before I turned into bed. I miss Tresco and the Island Hotel!

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