Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's OFFICIALLY summer break!!

Well, I'm not heading to Colorado tomorrow but I've learned a valuable lesson this year. Rather than travelling all over the world as expected I'm going to stay and enjoy the journey of my friends and family. I have learned in the past few months how valuable good friends can be. I work with and am friends with some of the most amazing people and I say that too often but it can never be said enough. People I don't even know that well, I hear their prayers and feel their hugs. It's just very....uplifting.

My surgery where they remove the mass is next Friday. Family is coming in on the weekend and then it's RECOVERY for all of June. Now, how many women go through the process of child birth for practice?? LOL The doctor says the surgery and recovery will be quite similar to women who have had a C-section so that's basically what I meant. I am NOT having children haha but if I were there would be four of them that fit inside the mass. C-R-A-Z-Y

Other than that we're still planning Vegas in late July or early August. Then I'm planning my mom's birthday dinner and going to THIRD GRADE classes :) Yes, you're looking (well you're not LOOKING but you get it) at the newest Third Grade Teacher at Lamkin Elementary. What, what! Oh, and then Brian, Deborah and I are planning a Chowdown Countdown tour of Texas in July. Love it.

So, all in all, I'm really not that disappointed in how the summer/June has turned out. I'm on the road already to recovering and having a very healthy body and spirit. I've got some wonderful people that I love dearly in my life now and to be honest I'm just....happy.

And isn't that everyone's goal? The pursuit of happyness, right?

So-movies, music, water, fruits, veggies, good friends, good people, family
What else could a girl look forward to for the next 3 months of her life? :)

Give ya an update after the surgery!

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