Sunday, November 14, 2010

Renaissance Festival with Aunt B 1 and Aunt B 2

Last weekend my Aunt B came into town and we headed about an hour North of here to Plantersville for the Texas Renaissance Festival.

Home to the turkey leg! Lol, there were soooooo many people! But the weather was lovely!
Saw some interesting performers. These were belly dancers with swords balanced on their heads. The girl in the middle was definitely awesome, while her friends weren't quite as Shakira-esque.
The Renaissance villages in the woods of Plantersville....with so many people!! And at $23 a pop, they are making some MONEY!
They had elephant and camel rides for $5. But.....they were maybe 5 minutes long so I felt kinda cheated. Next time, though, for sure!
This was the Italian village...
We split a meatball sandwich and I got a strawberry daqueri yummmm!
Walking around the gardens....
The colesseum (is that what they called it??) for the joust...before the show, though.
In the French village they were having a lil teach party with the lil princesses...
What goes better with a tea party than a giant margarita?!?
Trying my first ALLIGATOR!!! Yes, it tasted like chicken :)
Now, here was the crowd for the joust!
We were on the green French team....or section. We won :) (kinda by cheating, though, so I was unhappy lol). I totally cropped this picture but guess it didn't go through. The joust...and dyed black hair. Lol
The king and mistresses of the knights...or something like that :)
This crazy guy was on top of those swimming poles that were ON tall guys shoulders with fire sticks, juggling on ONE foot. Craziness!! Very entertaining.
A whole new term to "Foxy Lady" jk I think it was supposed to be a wolf, right? Oh, and it was ROMAN WEEKEND so that's what you see, too.
A centaur!!!!!!! With a beer belly bahahahaha
Hilarious photo opps!! For just $1. It was really cute. I was gonna do it but there was a really long line and so many people looking at those people. I don't like attention....believe it or not lol.
And my last photo...One of the food/shopping booths made out/designed as a huge pirate ship. Aunt B wants to come back and do the camping too. Kinda fun idea, never been camping!! Always up for new things!!!!!
Hit some Carl's BBQ on the way home, and watched the Texas game. Great weekend with the family!