Friday, November 26, 2010

Brenham Christmas Home Tours- Sat Nov 20

Last Saturday I went to Brenham for the Historic Homes Christmas Tour and Trunk Show that was advertised in Texas Highways. The trunk show shopping wasn't very fun but visiting the houses was a fun way to spend the day... Some were better than others...but for $15 I enjoyed my day!
The home tours didn't start until 1pm so when I got to Brenham at 11:30 I went to the downtown area to do some shopping. I love this time of year because I have a GOOD excuse to be shopping!! :)
Sadly enough, I didn't find anything at my favorite store as there was still Halloween stuff on clearance. But I did find a cute Horton Hears a Who ring here, at the Book Nook for $1. Also got a few books for the kids.
I saw some cute stuff here at Dona Lynn's but didn't get anything. The prices were kinda high...
The Trunk Show and Tour started here at the Giddings-Stone Mansion. I love plantation-style homes with big two-story porches!
The entire home was set up with locals selling jewelry and other crafts and food. I snapped this quick picture of the sitting area between floors.
Then I was off to the second stop, the Wood-Hughes House. It caught my eye while driving in so I was really excited to get to tour it. Guides were in each room and they explain what they've rehearsed in their time-period dress. No pictures were allowed though, so that was sad but I got some on my iPhone. :p
Beautiful chandelier as you enter...where I was told to, "PUT YOUR CAMERA UP!" :) Oopsie
Third stop: Whittbaker-Weiss House. Cute little home...many antiques were in all these houses.
Love that National Register!!
The next house was very beautiful. I want this house!! I don't have the name, I'll have to look it up once I blog it on VT.
Another National Register!
My favorite part of the home was this outdoor/indoor kitchen. How cute is this for your morning coffee or afternoon tea?!?!? OMG, I am going to have something like this in my home.
The Giddings-Wilkens home was kind of creepy. Most of them have people living in them but this was almost empty and kind of dark by 4pm. So, I dunno...interesting though.
OMG, MY FAVORITE!! This house isn't historic, as it was built in 2001 but it was one of the most beautiful houses ever.... Built in bookshelves EVERYWHERE and a carriage-style house. Delicious, for sure. And they were fellow travel enthusiasts with pieces from around the world. So, at least I know my house will look super cute when I'm older and have all my pieces accumulated! It was a great day, and a way to kind of dodge the sulky weather.

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