Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hanson at House of Blues! Lol

A friend from work asked me to go to the Hanson concert with her a week or so ago. Lol, I'm not one to turn up a trip to a place I've never been. So a couple Wednesday nights ago he headed downtown to see the show.

House of Blues is a restaurant downstairs and a music venue upstairs. We only did the music venue...
We got downtown pretty easily so we wondered around the Houston Pavillions (sorta like a shopping center). I loved this Books a Million! They had tons of books on clearance and a great magazine/music section. Will definitely have to return to explore more.
This was the inside looking at all the clearance books. Great Christmas books for cheap! Very chic...very downtown :)
Ahhhhhhh!! The music songbook section. So addicting!! Since the talent show has awakened the music, performing monster in me, I'm going a bit crazy.
Then we headed to the Polk Street Pub. When we arrived there were maybe two other tables. But the waitress informed us that the bartender just walked out. Well, two people ordered a bottle of beer and I ordered a margarita on the rocks, while the others had soda or water. There's no reason that couldn't have been handled. Nonetheless, it was a bad experience. My food came out missing some of the ingredients so I asked for a manager and we ended up getting $10 off the bill...where a turkey sandwich was $15. Sometimes downtown is annoying. Wish we had eaten at House of Blues but that's ok...
The inside of the pub was cute, I thought. But you know what they say...don't judge a book by its cover!
And then we walked back to House of Blues...on the third level where the concert venue is.
Getting the tickets...nice marquee :)
Security was a bit rude but gotta get your wristband for beer Lol
The set was cute...colorful. This was the opening band...
Allison was super sweet and got me my new obsession.....a HANSON silly band!! For $1. Yessss
Then the boys came out...boys?? Men with wives and children lol. Where did my childhood go?!?!
Ehhh I forget their names. This is the youngest ones...too cute for words.
This was such a good song... I need to find out from Allison what they were singing here. So of those slow songs that makes you think about life/love. Lol
Ok, I know this one is named Taylor. Lol, nice hair...
I got kinda bored, so I started taking pictures. This was from the back. Good shot...
Leaving....One last shot! Thanks Allison for a fun night!!

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