Saturday, June 2, 2012

Houston Wine Festival

Back in September, the 25th to be exact, I went to the Houston Wine Festival with a couple friends.  They had a Groupon for the event that was a good deal so we met up on a Sunday afternoon.
The event was held right in downtown at Sam Houston Park.  The event had lots of different tents of wine to taste from all over the world.  The Groupon came with 5-6 tasting tickets.  You could buy more but I tasted plenty without having to purchase more.
Our first stop was the "Winearitas."  They were delicious!  The free samples were tasty so I ended up buying the Cosmoritas mix which takes a white wine and a blender.  I actually made them last weekend at my friend Heather's house.  They were pretty tasty.  I'd definitely buy another bag of mix if I saw them again.
I also enjoyed the few vendors they had.  There were lots of gifts to buy for wine lovers and then the usual jewelry, etc.  I wish they had more vendors :)  I love my shopping!  Here Heather was trying some wine from a Texas winery.   
One of my favorite wines was from Peru and I loved these volunteers because they practically gave us a glass of wine instead of a tasting. :)  Thank you!!
Saint Arnold is a local Houston beer brewery.  Their Weedwacker beer is only seasonal and had a lot of write-ups in the local papers.  I wasted, yes wasted, a ticket on it.  Yep, it tastes like it drinking weed water after a thorough watering.  Not my style!  But I love a local brewery so I'll have to try something else...
And I spent my last ticket at the Italy tent and LOVED this wine.  In fact, I need to go see if they have it at Spec's, my local liquor store.  It was delicious!

I would definitely attend the Houston Wine Festival again if the price was right.  But, I warn you that we went on SUNDAY and not on Saturday.  I heard it was PACKED on Saturday which means less wine in your glass for tastings.  AND, one more warning, it was HOT.  So hot we had to chill under some trees and get a bite to eat from some of the food vendors.  We had multiple bottles of water and I still was light headed by the end.  So, be prepared with shades, cool clothing and lots of hydration!

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