Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Natchez, Mississippi and Oak Alley, Day 3

The final day of our trip was wrapping up Natchez, Mississippi and then heading towards New Orleans where we explored Oak Alley in Louisiana.  Both parts of the day were wonderful!
We began the day by taking the tour of Monmouth Plantation after packing up.  It came free with the stay.  Most of the people taking the tour were those staying at the plantation.  The wallpaper in the main hallway was pointed out as similar to the time period.  Very interesting...
General Quitman purchased the property for his wife.  There's a long history behind the ownership of the home.  And after the destruction of the Civil War the house fell on bad times.  Luckily we have some wonderful, proud citizens in the South who helped bring Monmouth Plantation into a beautifully restored inn.
My aunt had researched for the trip and found Oak Alley Plantation, one that was used for various movies because of its beauty.  I loved it because it was in our 1000 Places book :)  It's a bit off the highway but walking up to it from the wide parking area leaves you in great anticipation.  Walking up to the plantation tours is just a beautiful walk, and a haven when it's warm out.
Historical marker! :)
On the back patio of Oak Alley they were selling mint juleps.  I had heard horror stories of these, especially from my family members who had gone to the Kentucky Derby a couple decades ago.  But these were actually not bad.  Definitely something I could suck down on a warm day.  It totally brought us back to the plantation least for me.
As we were waiting for the next tour we drank our mint juleps and looked at all the historical fliers.  There were young women in period costume that added to the dramatic feel of being back in the 1800s.
As it got closer to our tour time we went to the front porch of the home.  Here you could get a beautiful picture of the "Oak alley".
The front of the Oak Alley Plantation home...with all the tourists waiting for our next tour.
No pictures were allowed inside the home tour but I did get to take this picture on the upstairs porch.  I tried to capture the moment with the mint julep and oak alley.  Came out very touristy, lol.
This was our very sweet and knowledgeable tour guide.  She led a great tour for us throughout the home.
When we were finished with the tour I was surprised to find NO ONE in front of the home.  So I took a sequence of photos of the plantation home while walking along the alley.
And walking....
And walking...
And walking... Lol
Then we went to the side of the home that had a beautifully manicured garden, and the garage with the Ford Model A's.  A very neat addition to the history of Oak Alley!
When walking back to the parking lot we stopped at the gift store to get our souvenirs and some water and a sandwich.  I got my usual picture book for the kids, Christmas ornament and patch for the travel bag.  Another glorious road trip!!


  1. Very nice! We hope you enjoyed your visit!

  2. Thanks so much Gee! I absolutely loved it! Have safe travels wherever you may be headed :)