Sunday, June 10, 2012

Labor Day 2011

So summer break is off to a great start!  I need to finish uploading my school year travels before I leave in 3 weeks for IRELAND! :)  
But for now here's my Labor Day Weekend 2011.  After a busy summer and getting school started I decided to save money and stay in town and just try out some new things....
My mom and I did some running around town.  We headed to Spring for a craft fair at the Holy Comforter Episcopal Church.   
It was really wasn't much of a fair.  There were about 20 booths.  I didn't find much except a bow for my friend Heather's baby shower.
I had a Groupon (love Groupon!) for a bookstore in Tomball.  It was a used bookstore but they sure liked their prices.  I didn't end up getting many books for my $20 voucher.  But, I know booksellers are struggling.  It's hard to compete with Half Priced Books $1 bin!  But as a teacher I have to spend my money wisely... But I did like supporting the local bookseller. :)
 The next day my dad took me to Luling City Market over by the Galleria.  HOLY COW!!!!!!!
 We went at a time not a lot of people were around.  OMG, where do I start?  The sauce-amazing!  But you definitely pay for it.  They are (rightfully) proud of their food but it was about $40 or so for our two meals.  But dang, I could eat it like 3-4 meals in a row.
 Texas Brisket......I love being a Texas girl!!!  Reason #532 to love living in Texas!  In fact, my dad requested Luling's for Father's Day coming soon.  And I was happy to oblige. :)
The next day I decided to meet one of my favorite families for dinner at Smash Burger!  They have incredible burgers and their own Smash sauce that I love.  I recently read an article where they were voted one of the top 10 milkshakes in Houston, too.  I love my dinners with the Franks family!  I can hardly go without them now. :)

 Look at that burger?  And on an egg bun, it's sooooo good!  Can't wait for our Smash date this week. :)

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