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Galveston Walk-About September 15, 2011

September 15th I went to Galveston with my friends Brandi and Heather to do the Galveston annual Walk-About.  It's a fundraiser to help Clean Up Galveston through all the hurricane repairs.  Years later and there's still work needed to be done!  My friend Rhianna posted on Facebook the event and I checked out the website.  For $25 you walk around 25 different places in the historical Galveston Strand area.  In each restaurant or shop you get a playing card in a closed envelope.  After getting all 25 you take it back to the pub you start at and 5 cards are player cards which you make into a poker hand.  The best poker hand wins.  It was a fantastic day, with great weather, and great friends!  Check it out...
After getting a drink at the bar/pub and signing in we headed to the places on our maps.  As we were "walking about" the Strand Heather found the old fortune teller, Zoltar!  There were no "Big" moments but it was fun.  
After stopping at a few places we ended up on the outskirts of the strand and we were really hungry.  The Apache restaurant had a table open in the gorgeous weather outside so we decided to have lunch here.  They clearly weren't prepared to be serving a bunch of people, though.
The food wasn't bad.  After waiting 45 minutes for food (which is UNHEARD OF when ordering Mexican food) we ate and strolled out of there.
Some of the places were decorated really cute, like the drug store.  Too bad I wanted to stay for a milkshake or soda fountain drink but I think we were a little  rushed to get back in time to turn in all our cards for the Walk-About.
We even stayed at the tequila bar to watch the end of the Longhorns game.  I love my friends!  They let me watch the game even though they could care less...
Our second-to-last stop was the Nestle Tollhouse cafe so when I saw the UT cookie I had to get a piece!  Lol, ok it was really for Halloween but to each their own!  Hook em horns!!  After the cookie we hit Carlos Mencia's mexican food restaurant, Maggie Rita's and sat out on the 2nd floor balcony overlooking the Strand and having a margarita.
Around 9pm we didn't have anything to show for our Walk-About prizes and we had plenty to drink but were ready for dinner.  We were talking about the more popular restaurants in Galveston and we hadn't yet been to Fisherman's Wharf so we headed to the bay to get some seafood.
I splurged (probably because I had been drinking all day) and got the Fishermans' Wharf Fried Seafood platter with shrimp, fish filet, mini crab cakes, crab-stuffed shrimp and a "shrimp kiss" which is a bacon-wrapped shrimp fried.  It was soooooooooo good.  I know, you're thinking, PIG!  But we really had been walking all day long and it was hot outside and I was having a good time and....and... It was good.  LOL

So, after that, it was probably close to 11pm.  And...since no one had thought to tell the hotel we would be arriving late...when we got to the Hilton on the Seawall they had "a water leak" and needed to send us to the San Luis Resort.  When they said that I started jumping up and down, getting all excited.  The San Luis Resort is BEAUTIFUL!!!!  But, little did I know, we would not be staying in a room, we'd be in one of the condos... Maybe one or two people could live in this closet...  But they put three people in this little thing where the bed rolled up into the wall.  If you can't tell I was MAJORLY disappointed.  Again, the bed was nice...if it were just me.  But, it was 3 girls...
 Instead of stay in the tiny room and suffocate we decided to hit the patio and see what we saw...
Our view from the room was great.  The white you see at the top of the picture are the waves breaking.  It was wonderful to hear the ocean!  Since we were expecting the fun Hilton pool we brought our swim suits.  So we decided to head to the pool...
 (This is a daytime shot of the previous look that I took in the morning).
 (This is another daytime shot of our balcony and the rest of the San Luis Resort condos and hotel rooms.
So back to my story (with daytime pictures since I didn't take my camera to the pool with us).  The pool area at the San Luis is gorgeous!
Heather and I swam up to the bar and Heather got the best mojito she's ever concocted (create-your-own) and I think I had a strawberry daiqueri.  Hey, did you see the meal I just had?  I only had so much stomach capacity left...
The pool was HEATED and we swam around until 2-3am in the morning.
There in the background you see the waterfall?  Well on top of that is a water slide that was SUPER FUN!  I went once to try it for the whole group and the water you fell into was NOT heated.  I frozeeeeeee but then I got Heather to do it and I went again.  But under the waterfall is a fun hot tub/jacuzzi.  The couples were PISSED that we were hogging the waterful but oh well..... Too bad, so sad.  I'd love to go back!  But it has to be super busy during the summer with all the kids.  But totally worth it, especially want one of those cabanas you see up in the previous picture.

Another great weekend with the best friends a girl could ask for!  

*******Leaving for Ireland tomorrow :)  Happy travel girl!!!  Wishing you happy summer travels!!!!!

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