Monday, January 18, 2010

California and the Big Game

After we got into town we went out for dinner at Outback (Dad's choice). That's right, we paid $1000 for our airline tickets not counting the rental car and we ate a restaurant that is down the street from our real house in Texas.
After dinner I convinced Dad to go see the Rose Bowl so I could take some pics. Already, vendors in tents were set up along the road selling team items. Of course, we stopped at each one and Dad bought stuff from each of them. Haha you know he gets in those moods when he's excited about vacation. Here he is now buying my face paint, earrings, hoodies, landyards, and Lucas/Reuban UT shirts.
Taking the limo to the game with Beau's family.
Our hotel was on Historic Route 66!!! Too cool. We walked down to the liquor store during sunset.
Here's where the limo dropped us off. The Rose Bowl!! (Like that background??)
Up close and personal.
First, the tailgating Texas Ex party. Here's the band coming in.
I liked watching everyone sing the Eyes of Texas. It was a see of Hook Em Horns!
And more of the background of where we were....It was great.
When we got in the stadium...
Opening ceremonies with the skydivers. I couldn't get a good picture of the one with the UT flag but the US flag turned out good.
Coming out on the field!!!!!
Colt leaving 10 minutes later (it seemed like). Half time.... It was all too exciting after that. The excitement sooned turned to depression. I definitely had a new hero that night. His name is Colt McCoy. I only hope that I'm that strong and faithful at my lowest point in life.
It was the game of a lifetime. Tragic, but so moving. Enjoyed California so much that I can't wait to go back!

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