Sunday, January 24, 2010

Forbidden Gardens

Stepping into China....without leaving Texas :)

Forbidden Gardens is a project inspired by a wealthy Asian American who wanted to bring his country's culture and history to the city of Houston. His creation took years and lots of money but it was so fantastic to visit. I was always hesitant to go to Asia because of the language barrier and drastically different government and culture...but after going here...I'm ready to go!

So, here are the pictures......

Walking from the pavilion to the Terracotta Warriors
The actual size men
This would be the replicas at a 1/3 scale of the actual size in China.

The first emporer of China...Qin
The cross bow warriors
The warriors ready for hand fighting
The cavalry
Tried to get a good shot of everything you see in this part of the Gardens
LOVE these interesting
The warrior weapon room....tempting :)
The rest of the place is made up of models of the old Forbidden City. It's a great exhibit.
Around the whole thing they have the Gates and Warriors standing every foot or so.
And many of the areas were posted with signs like these. I could have totally lived in harmony back then.

The end.......LOVED IT. Totally recommend it!

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