Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ready for the Big Game!!

Well, my Dad (and current HERO) got me and him a ticket to the ROSE BOWL. I spent all Monday on the Internet looking up flights. There was nothing going into LA without 3 stops. So, we decided to fly into Vegas (muahaha). Yeah, the airfare cost us $1000. So, probably won't be travelling quite as much this summer, for sure!

We spent Tuesday night in Vegas at Sam's Town. It's a really nice place, pretty good distance from the strip. I liked it though. I ended up winning $200 at one of those "Game King" video poker things after losing $60 to blackjack. I ended up winning another $20 from the same machine and then hit the sack. My dad played Craps (which I should have done) and ended up winning a couple hundred too. Damn, we have good luck together!

So, then yesterday, we rented a car and drove to Pasadena. OMG, so awesome. We passed through the Mojave desert and beaaaaaaauuuuuuuutiful California mountains. My dad is NOT a traveller, so of course, no cool touristy things. Haha, in fact, we ate dinner at Outback Steakhouse. WTH, you know, we're in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA and we eat at an Outback that we could get in Houston, but whatever. After dinner, we drove to the Rose Bowl to see what it looked like. There were vendors in tents already set up by the road so my dad got us matching hoodies and I got longhorn face stickers, earrings, and ticket holders. We also got Reuban and Lucas some shirts. Prices were outrageous though. And there's a 10% city tax in LA!! Holy crap!

Today, is the big day. The Rose Bowl. UT versus Alabama. We've beat them every time, except once we tied. I'm hoping there's one more game in that streak! I'm already ready to go but we don't leave for 2 hours. :/

Get this, though. We're taking a limo to the game with Bo! Heh heh heh. I'm excited.

I, of course, in the rush, forgot my camera uploading cable so will have to do all the pics when I get home. I just have to say that I consider myself so fortunate to have the people I have in my life. It's not just having a dad with mad UT hook ups. It's the mom back home. It's my principal at work who lovingly let me off work with no consequences. And family and friends on FB and beyond who are always so excited for everything going on. I've had so many wonderful opportunities in my life that I am so grateful to God for and I am so thankful for each and everything God puts in my life. ( I know, I know but I just have felt such an overwhelming graciousness this week.

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