Monday, January 18, 2010

Hoover Dam

Here's my Dam pictures :)

The drive winding around the mountains to it was great!
At the Hoover Dam you are at the border of Arizona and Nevada. So, in one day I was in three states! :)
We parked on the Arizona side and walked along the damn. Those towers have the Arizona and Nevada time on them.
The Colorado River dammed up making Lake Mead.

Standing on top of the Dam looking at the new bridge going up. Scary!!!!!
Taking pictures of the dam from the dam as my knees shake tremendously.
So, we took a tour below the damn. Craziness, and it wasn't recommended for those who are claustrophobic. I went ahead anyways, and it wasn't so bad, except for being crammed into an elevator. Nothing like pressing your body against 5 different strangers.
Seeing the turbines that create energy/electricity for Nevada.
From the visitors center over the viewing area.
And we were there for sunset!! Such pretty colors :)
Leaving the area and one last shot of Lake Mead. *Sigh* Makes me wonder if I really want to live in a city like Houston for the rest of my life, and miss out on such beauty the world has to offer.

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